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Battery Type :LiFePO4

Nominal Voltage:51.2V

Working Voltage Range:48-57.6V

Battery Cable Rating:100 A, each cable

Battery Cable Type :4 AWG or 25 mm²

Dimension [W*D*H]:640*180*1017 mm

Protection Level:IP54/IP65

Communication:CAN/RS485/RS232/Dry Contact

Power Lite Plus Series

The Flexible, Low-Voltage Battery Storage System

Power Lite Plus is a wonderful addition to the Power Lite series that facilitates parallel installs (up to 8 units). It can be utilized both indoors and outdoors and has a slim, compact design.

Battery EnclosurePower Lite Plus Series
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Number of Battery Units1 or 2 sets of Power Lite (L051100-A/A1/B/D)
Nominal Battery Energy5.12 kWh, 1 set of 5.12 kWh Power Lite inside
10.24 kWh, 2 sets of 5.12 kWh Power Lite inside
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Working Voltage Range48-57.6V
Nominal Current (Recommended)50 A, 1 set of 5.12 kWh Power Lite inside
100 A, 2 sets of 5.12 kWh Power Lite inside
Rated Power2.5 kW,1 set of 5.12 kWh Power Lite inside
5 kW, 2 sets of 5.12 kWh Power Lite inside
Cable Specification
Battery Cable Rating100 A, each cable
Battery Cable Type4 AWG or 25 mm²
General Data
Dimension [W*D*H]640*180*1017 mm
Mounting and Weight- EmptyApprox. 25 Kg rear fixing
Mounting and Weight- w/ BatteryApprox 70 kg, 1 set of Power Lite inside
Approx. 115 kg, 2 sets of Power Lite inside
Working Temp, RangeBased on battery (Power Lite Series) Specification
Protection LevelIP54/IP65
CommunicationCAN/RS485/RS232/Dry Contact
Certificate (Battery, Power Lite Inside)TUV/IEC 62619/CE-IEC 61000
IEC 62040/UN38.3/UL 1973/UL 9540A(pending)
Calendar Life10 Years

Scalable and Effective Battery Pack

We provide a straightforward method for capturing, storing, and utilizing energy from renewable sources so that every home can shine day and night.

Capacity: 10 kWh

Scalable: Multiple-Parallel Up to 8 Sets

Cycle Warranty: 10 yr/6,000³

Water Repellent: IP54/IP65 Available

Support: Ground & Wall

Power Lite Plus Series

Benefit from the best energy storage solution created with the safest battery technology available today. Prevent the aggravation of power outages by protecting your home. Energy storage can be an aesthetically beautiful addition to your home provided it is well-designed and the controls are simple to operate.

Powering your home with green energy and 24/7 availability. We are reshaping the energy future of residential, industrial, and outdoor spaces.