Jin Zhi science and technology: Plan to invest 25.5 million yuan to establish joint-stock Energy Storage Company - store can capital market - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:23 energy storage company

China store can net dispatch: On June 27 evening, golden wisdom science and technology (002090) release announcement to say, to extend store can business, the company drafts as clean as Jiangsu contest peaceful the sources of energy to develop limited company of small energy of electricity of boat of limited company, Sichuan and Hua Taihui can (Beijing) energy technology limited company is collective and contributive establish store can company -- Jiangsu gold Zhi Jingtai store can limited company of science and technology. This company registers capital 50 million yuan, among them golden wisdom science and technology identifies capture contributive 25.5 million yuan, oppose a scale 51% .

Jin Zhi science and technology thinks, store can be intelligent electrified wire netting, but second birth the sources of energy is occupied high than system of the sources of energy, " Internet + " the main component of wisdom the sources of energy and key prop up a technology. The sources of energy of our country changes, large-scale but second birth the sources of energy is received deepen further with power system reform will give store can industry and market create tremendous business chance, store can technical development is optimized also will more the demand of market of press close to and user. Store can below the double effort that the industry will be driven in policy and the market develops, the breakthrough commercializes applied doorsill, realize multiple value of the system, become the newly emerging force of ecosystem of green of low carbon of China of revolution of the sources of energy that prop up, construction.

The personage inside course of study thinks, establish this joint-stock store can company, accord with the business that integrated the sources of energy serves golden wisdom science and technology to develop the strategy, can bring positive effect for company outstanding achievement.

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