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China store can net dispatch: A few days ago, division land electron and LG are joint-stock the limited company of science and technology of energy of the Liu Jinxin that do not have stannum that establish (next weighing " Liu Jinxin the sources of energy " ) practice celebration is held grandly in Jiangsu.

Develop as division land electron domestic and international store can a vanward army of the market, land gold new energy resources has been in produce a line, produce can, the many sided preparation such as the product is sufficient.

According to division land electron newest list of issuance investor activity relation shows, land gold new energy resources is odd produce a line to produce per year can 600MWh, formal in November 2017 put into production. Fine yield a line is tasted rate 99.7% , a batteries wraps 250 seconds.

Report of senior engineer lithium understands, land gold new energy resources advocate battalion batteries PACK. The electric core that purchases at present comes from at factory of Wu Cang of LG Nanjing, Korea produce a line. The dynamical cell of LG and store can do differentiate, made corresponding electric core, what use at present is main have energy JH3, JH4, power JP3, JP4, 4 kinds of batteries, the appearance structure of 4 report core is completely consistent, product line is completely compatible.

In product side, what component of product of land gold new energy resources is class of electrified wire netting is large-scale store can product and door with store can system:

? Product of form of electrified wire netting, general 14~17 a batteries wears modular set, according to voltage grade 600~800V between, series connection means differs somewhat. Individual container (when including PCS) , can put down 4.8MWh at most, than 2~3 of industry tower above times. LG is aimed at store the electric core that can design, before designing container moment considered, so density can be achieved very tall. Additionally one kind what if the design is become,do not have corridor is highest and OK install 6.6MWh.

? Door with the product, those who have 13kWh, 26KWh, put down 2~4 commonly batteries bag differs, application is domestic door is used a kind store can, one kind is distributed smooth hot season store can system.

In respect of market strategy goal, liu Jinxin the sources of energy is current and abroad with Japan, Australia with door with give priority to, second half of the year can develop southeast Asia client. Home with northwest area light store the market and industry and commerce store can give priority to. 2018 with Pack, modular group is given priority to with batteries wearing, basically sell past home, japan, australia and southeast Asia; Sales revenue target makes an appointment with 3-4 100 million yuan.

In addition, be aimed at dynamical cable core and store the distinction of electric core, can domestic and international store can the poor dissimilation of the market, frequency modulation store can price and cost issue, division land electron made detailed reply. It is survey memoir below:

Q: How much is the wool interest rate of Pack at present?

A: ? Xing Daoxia vasts the  that take  tries?0% above. The PACK of pure dynamical cell, 3C, wool interest rate is lower. Store can why can be PACK maintained in perch, we identify those who if will decide according to different market,give priority to, for example competition of market of home, Australia, India is more intense, the price is lower; The country such as Germany, England, Japan pledges to the product the quantity asks taller, profit will be better. Dynamical cell brings about allowance fall off because of policy rapid, downstream pressure is very great, wool interest rate is so inferior. And store can different, store can the income to the client can determine, and the market is not at present big also, wool interest rate is so higher.

Q: Dynamical cell and store can where is the difference of batteries?

A: ?  of naevus of  of fine Lu of  of Ti of faint of ⒛ Nai red uncovers joyous magpie to band some reduces fear of word of lowing R of  of σ of  of discuss of chaste tree  large bamboo hat of howl of this  Du swings Peng  of  of post Lu of Peng of  of  of ask in reply of  of  of Sao of ⒛ of Ju of ψ of  of branny Zhong Mei, because dynamical cell is full of completely rarely,put.

But store can batteries applies setting for the most part is to ask to be full of completely put, assist market except. If store can if the system cooperates to apply with power station of smooth hot season, service life at least 10~15 year, store can electric core demand is high, normally for need 5000-6000 second circular requirement, accordingly store can batteries price is more expensive than dynamical cable core.

Q: ? Does damask silk of some Zhuo Nuo block an ancient nationality in China of ⒛ Nai red up Ni of Ai of  of room word lot?

A: ? 5 Mu of  ⒛ mow is low constant  tan is tranquil which ancient name for a water catltrop gnaw left and right sides of the?.3C that steal a head, it is commonly under 0.5C, 1C is not used, besides abroad independence store can power station, for instance England mixes applied setting. Home cuts a peak to fill cereal application, peak paragraph 4 hours, 0.25C

OK. At present we do most is 0.3C, 8000, 90%DOD. The JP that mentions before, basically be frequency modulation, assist service market, frequency modulation is general the demand of 2C, perhaps share integrated auxiliary service market, rotate reserve, Hei Qi is moved etc.

Q: ? Does Ling of guest of  of Fen of Ai of bank of carapace of moxibustion of ⒛ Nai Lei protect Jia of  of cook a meal of Fu of bank  Fen?

A: ? I kill  of admonish of Xing Dengxie perch?.5-2 yuan, some are a few cheaper 1.5 yuan / Wh, the distinction of the price depends on a product, recipe, quality is different, our product belongs to the product with very competitive industry. The product of our whole set fixes a price, go according to watt-hour client close an account, asking to product value also is different, corresponding and different trade provision, price difference will be bigger. Door used product, can sell in Japanese terminal price taller.

Q: ? Does housing press ⒛ Cong humorous " emperor of dispatch of ⑹ of aunt brandish inclined  and does evil spirit of Xin of one aunt brandish return leech   Lu of  of Mou Gu  ?

A: ? ⒛ Cong humorous > does reason of act of  of plaque of  of  of Mu ⒄ stalk cut humorous of neon of frequency of Ping  Cheng " does Guan of Zhi of ⒛ of 9  Xun block  Pi humorous of strong thirsty of  of Tao of  of  of firm of emperor strong bank " does  of  of model of Bao of  approach プ closely question kneecap is become Ran?

Little, profit is in initial stage is taller also, pay back period of investment of frequency modulation project is briefer, do not need allowance to be able to realize gain. Cut a peak to fill cereal project pay back period to need 6~8 year. The scale of a lot of new energy resources of foreign was achieved 20% much, bring about electrified wire netting to be not stabilized necessarily, right store can dependence will be taller and taller, as our country machine of outfit of new energy resources is occupied than rising, store can prospective market vacuum is giant.

Q: ? Kneecap archives mu  Shan relatively humorous of stool of kneecap of Nai of ⒛ of  of  of chimney of Jie fleabane Fu " does coil up of order climbing over a wall high?

A: ? Humorous of stool of kneecap of Nai of ⒛ of M badger Mu " ズ of Ran Xia hub of neck of  of Zheng of You of Ran Xia Fei stops  to bar humorous of  kneecap stool " an old name for Japan of Chang of choke of  joint of bones makes fun of?013~2015 year finished, germany is about the same also. Market of domestic electric power is not at present perfect still, unlock not completely. Frequency modulation market profit is taller now, jumping over frequency modulation of in the future to serve the price to predict to meet is downtrend. Putting an amount because of igneous report is fixed, as store can increase, the improvement of stability of electrified wire netting, auxiliary service price can fall, auxiliary service market also is met taper.

Q: ? ⒛ Nai kneecap enlighten do some kill small car to hook moisture in the soil to steal Xian  model unexpectedly?

A: ?  of  of arrogant of lamp having good fortune chews kneecap of pure  standing tall and upright enlighten low Che Mou kills angry of lens of bureau instrument Lei urgent group of Nai CS stopping of rate covers with tiles make an appointment with 0.3-0.6 yuan differ, price of BMS, EMS should see software particular case. Door form a complete set of consumed bend over store can, foreign 1Wh energy in 3 yuan of less than, home is in 2.5 yuan of less than, batteries is occupied than 60% above, 70% the left and right sides, taller even.

Q: ? Model of flatter of Jiao of that  of Nai of ⒛ of Ju of cut down of red of  of  of cub of appearance of ⒘ of bud   ?

A: ? Ю of red of miscellaneous closely question south Nai of this  ⒛ low pull miscellaneous Qu to step on midge of  of bursa of  predestined relationship shallow duty of You of Piao of barren of 8 Lu  steps on     of  of cub of appearance of cervine remnant  steps on  charm wish 3 yuan of petty gain are compared on cost of Ji suddenly? . It is better at consistency that main advantage is in 3 yuan of batterieses, energy density is high, odd core batteries won't change basically into the life after the group.

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