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  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:23 energy storage company

China store can net dispatch: A few days ago, yangzhou city classics is believed appoint the intelligent workshop project to my company has constituent expert group spot examine and verify, workshop of intelligence of expert group development produces the spot, listen to enterprise CIO Comrade Zhou Shoubin to be reported about intelligent workshop job, the relevant job that builds an aspect is changed in workshop intelligence to the company, experts affirm consistently, with respect to Hua Fugong at the same time department begins intelligent factory to transform next offer constructive opinion. High post classics is believed appoint Li Shengzhong vice director accompanies examine and verify.

Huafu company begins from 2014, throw ten million seven hundred and eight thousand nine hundred yuan to undertake to original manufacturing workshop intelligence is changed early or late transform, among them equipment throws eight million and eighty thousand nine hundred yuan, MES software throws 2.628 million yuan, main core software and core equipment all are homebred. Pass intelligent workshop transform, realized batteries to assemble record electron to change, systematic management whole course is changed, moving intelligence of informatization of work flow standardization, process management, system is changed, visible, quality management changes manufacturing monitoring strictly, what date from manages one key to change is new change, the enterprise also is passed accordingly two change attestation of shirt-sleeve system assess.

The workshop is had full automatic plate is grading machine, full automatic assemble a robot the machine that fold film, automatically, wait for intelligent equipment and intelligent control system to add up to 24, intelligence changes equipment platform to cover occupy than for 96% , control system applied technology of advanced CC-LINK bus line and PLC concentration to control technology of technology and man-machine interface, sensor logically, adopt MES system carry out, actual manufacturing statistic function, production attempers function, equipment management function, quality monitoring function, equipment management function, quality monitoring function and product information inquire a function integratedly, raised product intelligence to change the effective method that efficiency of production level, production, precision and quality assure. The real time automation that stock implemented in product production process deserves to send, of the product solder shape, batch of spot cable industry, product, 2 dimension pile up quality but safety of system of network of monitoring of intelligence of environment of date from, workshop, workshop can control a function, use to bad news of equipment circumstance, energy at the same time, quality trace, An Deng calls the police management undertake be tuballed in real time accusing.

In the meantime, huafu company develops a field in products plan: The product of 90% realized CAD2 dimension to design the change to CAD three-dimensional design, built Intralink to design platform in coordination, make design of product research and development develops to direction of prototype of fictitious design, digitlization; Production runs a side: China rich already carried out at present finish make executive system (MES) , use MES system to realize exercise to plan management of completely closed circuit management, periodic quality to wait, deepen stock management, advanced platoon to produce the application that waits for link IT. Production creates a field: Pass MES system terminal, implementation exercise guidance is changed without paper, manufacturing schedule feedback is changed in time, increase a business flexible production makes a standard. After service respect, adopt system of product fixed position, realized interconnection each other to connect, to the product moving circumstance undertakes real time monitoring.

Those who pass intelligent workshop transform, the workshop produces efficiency to get promotion: Workshop number reduces 6 people by original 56 people, yield everyday each level by 6600 former yuan / the season increases 61600 yuan / day; Product quality promotion is apparent, realized product quality instant but date from, purchase percent of pass of raw material quality by previously 98% rise 98.44% , product fraction defective by original 0.46% reduce 0.31% ; Green makes a level reach new height, rate of equipment in good condition by former 72.2% rise 95.2% , unit specific power consumption, main contaminant discharges enlarge extent to reduce, achieve national cleanness to produce 2 class standard.

Hua Fuzheng with Internet thinking, the plan is compositive and online 2 dimension laser calls code, quality unusual ahead of schedule early-warning, flexible make, automatic judgement, stock carries online and automatic all inspection and system nobody are changed, transparent factory system of 6 big intelligence, show intelligence to produce mighty power, total heart makes a plant of intelligence of Hua Fuxin source.

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