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China store can net dispatch: Current, the dynamical cell ladder of our country second use mostly bureau be confined to is small-sized in dynamical system, for example motor-car of report of dynamoelectric bicycle, low speed. And large store can the system often has higher demand to the cycling life of batteries, retire the consistency of batteries is ensured very hard also commonly. Accordingly many enterprises think with the expert, dynamical cell ladder second use in store can going up is " bogus is propositional " .


Retire the invalidation problem such as the bluff type attenuation that batteries exists, it is really store can a risk that the enterprise must consider.


In the near future by what sponsor jointly by Chinese chemistry and guild of physical power source and batteries China net " 2017 ' peak of international of application of cell of the 2nd power is met " on, electrician of courtyard of Chinese cable division and director of new material institute come comparatively well-off also speak bluntly, "Ladder second using is socioeconomic certainly, economically not economical, be inferior to buying new battery " .


To this he explains further, "At present great majority is taken in one's hand retire batteries is ' black box ' , unintelligible the batteries service data before, exemple if a battery is so-called,it is the attenuation after circulating 3000 times to 80% , if true condition is it,arrive 80% , dare be you used? Can be you used? "


Come well-off still expresses, "Broken solution black box, from can judge on the dot retire batteries follow-up prolongs life how long, difficulty is too great, detect likely charge compares ladder second use the price tall still " .


However undeniable is, dynamical cell ladder second use in store can go up to having tremendous perspective really.

Researcher of assistant of institute of reform committee the sources of energy national development and Dr. Liu Jian addresses in second conference here, he is forecasted, retired 2030 batteries gross or will achieve 270GWh, with average time of 4 hours of discharge calculates, give off n to be equivalent to the machine of electric power outfit of 7000 much tile. And go up in economy, liu Jian forecasts ladder second use batteries to be below ideal scene, cost can fall every kilowatt hour 157 yuan. Meet without the person oversight this to store the enormous sense that can develop.

Zheng Mianping academician is met in this peak advocate when forum makes a speech, also mention, near future 3~5 of the batch inside year retire dynamical cell can appear, and the occurrence that the processing of battery of lithium of useless old motivation after 5 years may promote a new industry.


In this new industry, reclaim besides batteries, from now on on second conference, the innovation that we also discovered to a few enterprises are passing technology and commercial pattern opens batteries ladder gradually second the market that use.


Colourful comes car electrified wire netting store can Zhang Jianxing of department inspector general expresses in the speech, current Wei Laizheng is built in compose apply from driven force, fill the operation that change report to arrive ladder second full whole industry chain, use the promotion value that changes a power station to experience to charging, implementation ladder second use cell store can the be born of the project. And be in this month, boreal steam new energy resources just also announced its build 3000 to exchange a power station " the column that prop up a day plans " , should come true stage by stage 2021 ~2022 year ladder second store can the end that batteries uses 5GWh.


From the angle that the technology innovates, zhang Jianxing expresses store when can applying, most batteries bag will not tear open a bag, pass the design application of much spur track, communicating side can direct parallel connection, batteries of each spur track mutual between segregation is on physics, although a spur track produces a problem, also won't affect other systems to move. Before this store can Cheng Hong of PCS equipment supplier is electric also express when accepting visibility APP to interview, branch inputs PCS, voltage difference and the cell that cause from this won't produce between each batteries groups circumfluent problem, because different brand, distinct category, different SOC can be used at the same time in this one system also namely new old different batteries.


Visibility APP still understands, electric division issues constant in company warm amounts to new energy resources to also be based on its particular small-power PCS to will retire batteries does not tear open solution, do not recombine, direct form strings together join, had had many store can project application. The personage expresses to visibility APP related the company, these 3 yuan of carbon resembling lead, batteries have very good raw material to reclaim value, it is direct raw material reclaims at present, but if preexistence store can go up ladder second use again material reclaims, value is higher. And material of lithium of phosphoric acid iron reclaims value is not high, basically should be store can ladder second application.


Besides large store can project, guangdong report is small the Wei in son's eldest son of director of limited company of 2 science and technology is in this conference speech still express, very value dynamical cell to reclaim in portable store can the foreground of industry recycle, forecast future 5 years the whole world is portable store can potential requirement measure is controlled in 30 million, at the same time target of its sales volume is to be in 6 million, the capacity that uses up to dynamical cell is 6G watt-hour probably.


Can go up in this peak, the delegate expresses related American UL, at present the United States, Europe, Japan has in the light of store can the relative standard of batteries, among them European standard just still makes at the beginning of this year.


Come well-off also expresses at the same time, national emphasis research and development plans group of expert of intelligent electrified wire netting to writing the guideline 2018, will bring into batteries stair to use this project, make 5 kinds big 17 use methods, include among them store can apply.


Look integratedly, the ladder of our country second it is worth while to use batteries metric system to will become surely expect.

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