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  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:32 energy storage company

China store can net dispatch: International success dragon (01182.HK) early before express to will reduce the investment at line of business of Vietnam rich variety stage by stage, business of energy of second birth of premonitory transition, share price already rose even more since this year 1 times. Group last week 5 newest announce already concluded agreement, draft denounce endowment 2, 0 dollar (about 155 million HK dollar) , subscribe Primus is made an appointment with 7, 3.25 million E kind preferential, every amount to restrains 0.273 dollars. In case is all and first after all is changed, get the better of dragon general hold capital stock already was issued after Primus classics expands about 20.82% .

Meanwhile, the group will press every 0.57 HK dollar, to not less than 6 bear match a person to match carry out most 337 million new, capital stock already was issued after be equivalent to expanding about 16.07% , collect money about 192 million HK dollar, in order to use as afore-mentioned investment projects. Primus basically offers solution of system of electric energy storage, hold water at was in California 2009, the client comes from data center, small electrified wire netting, public utility and army orgnaization to wait. This company owns patent of 34 innovation technology, what its product EnergyPod turns application for dimensions of electrified wire netting is modular batteries system, can reduce the cost that use phone effectively.

Cut market of energy of high-end environmental protection

At present partner includes Primus the banner technology of Si Tan of Canada, China, Israel, Kazakstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, south Africa and United States and investor of the sources of energy, it is thus clear that its latent capacity already obtained capital market to agree with widely. Getting the better of dragon is second become a shareholder Primus two into, can bring openly contribution for group outstanding achievement already, more those who provide industry of energy of environmental protection of sortie high end cut a point, chong scene follow-up will have more good news to announce. Although this share price already accumulated even more times litres, but still did not rise wear exalted last year in April 0.8 yuan, hind once city breaks through this level, situation leaving a station challenges 1 yuan.


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