Energy Storage CompanyEcoult obtains Australian government financing to support - store can project and net and attemper - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:32 energy storage company
China store can net dispatch: Recently, australia store can company Ecoult passes Australia but ARENA(Australian Renewable Energy Agency) of bureau of second birth the sources of energy, won the capital support of Australian government, use technology of Deka super batteries to begin medium or small store can project, carry sacrificial vessel to have cost effectiveness for the family of Australia and whole world and enterprise store can solution.

This are pilot the project will charge to owe charge 3 kinds / application of distributed the sources of energy, develop a kind of battery store can systematic model.

This are pilot project, by Ecoult, the parent company East Penn Manufacturing that its headquarters sets in the United States and confederative science and industrial research organization (CSIRO) collaboration is finished.

The purpose is the company product and solution are covered with tiles by million class expands commerce and residence use a field, reduce store can cost, promotion housetop solar battery board this kind miniature but second birth the sources of energy store can competition ability. UZ Energy energy storage company energy storage companies