New achievement of Energy Storage Company of division of be in harmony is passed check and accept - China of current Battery - store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:32 energy storage company
China store can net dispatch: On October 11, division of be in harmony of Dalian of —— of firm of investment of industrialization of institute of physics of chemistry of Dalian of Chinese Academy of Sciences store can the technology expands limited company (division of be in harmony store can) change content place with Dalian store can the technology studies the current of 352kW Quan Fan of a joint development store can system of battery unit module carries a state report owner organizes Long Yuan. Large-scale current store can batteries system is used modular structure, 352kW store can system of battery unit module is to make battery of current of class of million made of baked clay above store can the basic and unit system that the power station can become independent and the net runs, division of be in harmony store can bear those who build up to now domestic and international library of the most extensive law of Long Yuan Shenyang lies batteries of current of Quan Fan of 5MW/10MWh of electric field of Niu Shi wind store can systematic application demonstrative project, will be combined by system of unit module of 15 this 352kW and become.

Spot adjustment checks to owner of electric dragon source is organized and be chaired by the country, store can the management of power station moving management department and company of grain of construction site inspect and technologist attended a test to check and accept. Check and accept expert group to be opposite 352kW current store system of can unit module, batteries management system (BMS) , store supervisory system of inverter, on the spot, can long-range supervisory system had full-scale test, test and verify and opinion. The test makes clear as a result, 352kW current store system of can unit module can rapid, quick implementation anticipates fill, discharge operation pattern, function of systematic control, protection, communication is perfect, each function index satisfies batteries system completely project requirement. Store system of can unit module from 90% charge condition is less than 90ms to the changeover time of 90% discharge condition, fill in constant power 352kW, below discharge condition, store the systematic energy efficiency that the dc of system of battery unit module is carried and can communicate end (contain systematic oneself all yuan of specific power consumption of parts of an apparatus) achieve respectively 73.8% with 68.2% .

Check and accept a result to make clear, this 352kW store can technology of system of battery unit module achieves international banner level. Henceforth, innovate through farther technology, will reduce current further store can the cost of batteries system, be changed to coming true to be used actually and commercialize, build store can batteries industry, advance but of second birth the sources of energy popularize application to have great sense. UZ Energy energy storage company energy storage companies