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China store can net dispatch: According to Cleantechnica website report, for the applied dimensions of patulous and electric car, day produces a company to announced recently, will take the lead in beginning inside American limits charge freely. This month, day produces " charge freely " the project increases 11 markets newly, so far, reach 38 areas. And the power source that charges freely, day is produced had managed company Eton with the sources of energy (Eaton) spreads out collaboration, the solid state that turns those cell that suit electric car to use no longer into center of French Webaxys data store can equipment.

Current, sum total of the employee below the company exceeds the cooperative square Eton that day produces 90000 people, its company headquarters is located in Irish Dublin, headquarters of North America area is located in the Cleveland of American Ohio. Although somebody points out, the method that day produces has the interest of tesla of bit of follow the lead of, nevertheless, change electric car place to store as the energy of Webaxys data center with batteries equipment, this one attempt produced very main effect to history of global data center. Public data shows, webaxys is a fictitious mainframe company that is located in France, its are intended day of have the aid of is produced and the cooperative achievement of Eton occupies a center with building more number. And in fact, the operation of data center also just hopes in future short-term internal energy implements energy supply and used automation quite all the time.

Day produces chief inspector of business of European report motor-car to add Rhys - ascend Simoer (Gareth Dunsmore) expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, the cell that day produces electric car is able to continue in Webaxys data center " glow is calorific " , cannot leave day to produce the professional competence in car design and batteries technology respect and Eton to be in the lead dominant position of quality of the sources of energy and electronics domain. In view of afore-mentioned reasons, management offers the sources of energy that day produces the effort that hopes they pay to be able to be data center to stabilize and be propped up for a long time, still can improve energy efficiency effectively at the same time.

See technical plan simply at present, eton stores the sources of energy that does not exceed 4 day to produce batteries of Leaf report motor-car to undertake conformity be 93PM UPS in order to make a name system.

Each batteries in this system can store the energy of about 20 kilowatt hour, because this is whole,4 batteries of the system can produce the energy of 80 kilowatt hour. The outside predicts the cost of 93PM UPS is 10000 euro about, and to batteries itself the cost of electric energy of every kilowatt hour is about 400 to 500 euro.

The peak value load that 93PM UPS can use in energy management is restrained and be served as can replace the sources of energy. The personage inside course of study points out, the additionally one big potential function of 93PM UPS is in the developing country not electrify area supplies electric power. The cell that day produces electric car has been regarded as device of storage of family expenses the sources of energy before this, eton also proclaims return this domain. Meanwhile, concerned day produced the attempt that charges freely to also get be beginninged quickly below such setting. One perforative and truckload, charge, the embryonic form of whole industry catenary that dynamical cell uses was shown already.

Day produces the United States " charge freely " the project adds 11 sites newly

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