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China store can net dispatch: The group of the engineering that cross a state that headquarters is located in the United States is general and electric (the GE Ventures of branch of venture capital investment of GE) , a few days ago invest in Germany store can hardware and service supplier Sonnen.

The speech forces of Sonnen Diyasi. Buluohe (Mathias Bloch) Zhou Yi confirms to Energy-Storage.News, the existing investor add up to of GE Ventures and Sonnen invests " euro of several ten million " .

Sonnen, in its home town rolled out SonnenCommunity the sources of energy to trade a few days ago platform, this goes out carry out evens more 10 thousand residences are unit, active also at the United States, this year some earlier before moment adds residential product, the business that aims at the United States at first uses the market that move a peak. This company still is extended march other area, include to be in England recently among them the innovation garden area western invites England a small-sized group, and recruit is divided sell a partner. In its recently outstanding achievement is medium first quarter, sonnen expresses, thirdly 2600 sell inside the month store can unit.

The other company in combination of listed on the website investment of GE Ventures the sources of energy includes SolarEdge, the sources of energy metric with analytic company Tendril -- SunPower also is firstly investor -- and American residence solar energy (Sungevity of the 000591) company that rent.

GE Ventures also is American commerce store can an investor of supplier Stem, stem just reached 15 million dollars with the capital of other and main investor a few days ago C annulus financing, include RWE of European power company and Mithral Capital Management of expert of another venture capital investment among them.

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