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China store can net dispatch: According to bureau of national energy resources newest issuance program, industry of Chinese smooth hot season added a capacity newly to be 17.8 auspicious tile 2015, china will surmount Germany to make machine of outfit of world year smooth hot season the biggest country, also be total installation amount is maximum at the same time. But how many does so much photoelectricity have to you can receive electrified wire netting?

Experts say but the stability that report of second birth the sources of energy crosses congress to affect mains frequency into net scale, so this year on July 25, achieve but scale of report of second birth the sources of energy how does stability run the German electrified wire netting of 78% ? The calm Nereus needle that see German electrified wire netting today -- store can get the person that run Younicos and his batteries management system.

Younicos proof resembles: Its home has the pull rod box type of beautiful beauty store can batteries

Can a lot of person ask a what kind of company Younicos is? Will see his self introduction first:

Younicos is the is based on batteries technology wisdom with a banner whole world store the person that can offer with solution of electrified wire netting. In the whole world 20 many store can the installation amount in the project exceeds 100 million to cover with tiles. The core competition ability of Younicos is can each elements in efficient and integrated electrified wire netting, through conformity of system of high intelligence software a variety of batteries technologies are mixed technology of electric power electron, can answer automatically of effect government demand in order to come true to electrified wire netting and small network.

Simple and crude generalize, younicos makes batteries management system. Although a lot of people still are not familiar with this enterprise, but the family can is famous inside course of study, and probing cell all the time store can new field. Since 2013, early or late dominant built the first business of European store can project and Germany use the first times at frequency modulation store can batteries project.

Liao Yu of chairman of association of German Chinese new energy resources is mentioned in the omnipotent EnergyTalk end 2014, of Germany store can what company Younicos does is batteries not merely, label its " Internet of the sources of energy " one of potential entrances.

Of Younicos store can batteries also has a lot of kinds, than following faces these:

Yill portable store can batteries

The shift that can delay to go like pull rod box store can batteries. Rated output power is 300W, power of minutely the biggest output is 450W, batteries capacity is 700Wh. Can mix through solar energy other but electric power of memory of second birth the sources of energy, OK also outside receive power source to charge. The n supply of daily electric equipment and digital facilities is satisfied originally.

Office of computer leader mood is used movably store can batteries

But compared with above, they more be good at this -- batteries management system.

Of Younicos store can batteries makes but the permeability of second birth the sources of energy suffers no longer rotate spare limitation. The batteries capacity of every 100MW can replace the whirl of power plant of a coal to reserve. The batteries capacity of 2GW can provide the frequency modulation capacity of a hour for whole Germany, replace 25 ammunition power plant. Mature batteries store can and the technology that shares frequency modulation, can make but of second birth the sources of energy receive scale assault to arrive 60%-70% .

Younicos is so arrogant! How accomplish?

The research and development that this self-confidence comes from system of 8 years of batteries management is accumulated and 20 many store can the project accumulates the carry dimension below experience.

Take scientific research and project management experience seriously store can the enterprise has a lot of, but not be every store can the enterprise can accomplish expenditure 15 million pound and the batteries matrix that 6 years time builds to belong to his are mixed and net technology tests a system, it is for research only how the better service life that optimizes batteries of million made of baked clay class. And this Younicos was accomplished.

The sodium sulfur batteries of the 1 million tile that there is NGK production in the lab of Younicos and 6 million tile, also have the lithium battery of the 200 kilowatt that SamSung SDI produces, still include many inverter, all elements are received below the systematic government of Younicos in middling pressure electrified wire netting, the derv dynamo plus transformer, switch and made of baked clay class of a million can be in the lab the fluctuant state that imitates the likelihood when intermittence energy wind energy and solar energy are receiving electrified wire netting to encounter, what should face everyday like German electrified wire netting is same.

So arrogant lab is long such:

Picture origin: Younicos government-owned net

The solution of electrified wire netting of Younicos: Store can batteries + batteries management system

The day partiality for a particular kind of food that produced in Europe and boreal Atlantic on March 20 this year to business of operation of electrified wire netting people the serious problem that showed current power system to be faced with, of intermittence cleanness the sources of energy accept wave motion of brought instantaneous electric power. If harsh weather can be forecasted ahead of schedule, arrange groovy electric power timely complement reserves, so a gale of German north arise suddenly or the pride of the morning with Rhine accident bank show protruding the potential menace in existing power system. So how to solve this problem? Will see the solution of Younicos.

Class of 1 electrified wire netting store can batteries

Someone can say, store can battery is not new, streak tesla also rolled out family expenses before store can batteries, still went up popular topic a list of names posted up. Although working principle is same, but of class of electrified wire netting store can batteries and family expenses store can batteries or discriminating. The news spokesman PhilipHiersemenzel that resembles Younicos is in what mention in accepting media to interview, younicos a million is made of baked clay store can unit (Storageunit) is equivalent to at least 1000 family expenses store can batteries.

Wanting to bring these energy into play well and truly is not an easy thing, but Younicos not only accomplished, and do well. He is in the actual strength that oneself proved in day partial eclipse of Germany this year in March, inside a few millisecond SchwerinLankow lithium ion store can batteries is received, with instant of compensatory Dongde area " disappear " electric power, stabilize mains frequency thereby.

So the issue came, compare with appearance of group of traditional fire electric machinery, the frequency modulation effect of batteries how?

After next chart showed traditional ammunition power plant presses occurrence wave motion in report how to react inside 15 minutes.

Reserve the electric machinery of transmit coming back of aircrew maintains mains frequency to stabilize through accelerate or be being decelerated. The mains frequency when electric power demands exceeds supply (Gridfrequency) drops, the frequency when supply exceeds demand increases. Inside the range that power plant adjusts electricenergy production to be in frequency stability to be secured relatively (about 50 hertz are in Europe) . But what we see no less than, the blue line that power output represents just is close to Yu Pin to lead the Huang Xian of a delegate. He Min feeling spends the accuracy of traditional frequency modulation and cannot satisfy the requirement of frequency modulation of electrified wire netting completely that is to say.

The 2nd piece of graph revealed Younicos store can the batteries reaction when answering change. Can see store can the frequency modulation process of batteries will be more seasonable, accuracy also got huge rises.

Picture origin: Younicos government-owned net

Large-scale but after second birth the sources of energy is received, demand of capacity of peak of the attune inside the day of electrified wire netting is met as but second birth the sources of energy nods installed capacity increase and grow significantly. Because this has enough and agile adjustable capacity,rotate namely reserving is power system is admitted but one of precondition of report of second birth the sources of energy.

Right but the hostage suspect that second birth the sources of energy holds distrustful manner is large-scale use how can be electrified wire netting maintained to stabilize after second birth the sources of energy. But experimental proof, control in use electrification (after Electricalcontrol) , mains frequency will be stabler (in fact, be in Germany, wind- driven turbine and large smooth Fu Zhen list the support features) that has begun to become electrified wire netting. If place of Hiersemenzel of Younicos news spokesman says, the storage system of Younicos has more flexible reaction time. The blue curve that bottom is located in in pursueing below represents mains frequency, when frequency exceeds 50Hz, batteries begins to store instantly electric energy. "Batteries store can exceed frequency 50Hz silent to think to begin store can mark. "

What what mention is in like Younicos author ClemensTriebel in statement, what can fluctuate for an instant evenly is efficient store can the solution will serve as but the strong lever of second birth the sources of energy. "To maintain the stability that electrified wire netting supplies, what every million covers with tiles accumulator installation amount can offset place of other and traditional power station requires installation amount is decuple, " Triebel complements. In other words, this can wait for smooth hot season and wind report but second birth the sources of energy creates vacuums of more electrified wire netting.

Little popular science: Current, commonner store can report and its character:

Batteries of high-power of 1. lithium ion: Have very high power to compare, special apply to a need store can a few minutes or electrified wire netting of a hour.

Batteries of high capacity of 2. natrium sulfur: Sodium sulfur batteries has larger memory capacity. Suit to be used at balancing the daily wave motion of wind and sun.

Batteries of 3. vanadium current: Discharge not automatically, agree with to store for long energy.

2 intelligence run a system

Most the batteries management system that relies on chart is the work with the most complacent Younicos.

Intermediary calls intelligence electrified wire netting and core outside is wisdom store can, and wisdom store can be implementation of system of support intelligence management. Younicos presiding battalion receives government-owned StephenPrince to ever also expressed in interview, a lot of people think to receive batteries form is a very simple thing in electrified wire netting. But batteries is not cerebral cell, the software that need intelligence converts will help store can the system can fluctuate in electrified wire netting the implementation in the process is seasonable and effective adjust.

Picture origin: Younicos government-owned net

Be accumulated through much test data and project operation experience, younicos development went a series of software to control a system, use at the communication between market of electrified wire netting, power and battery plant and control, from effect manages and can optimize will reduce construction of electrified wire netting and electric power to use cost further, prolong battery service life. It is better to can help German electrified wire netting not only run the place of electrified wire netting that also is European other country to need.

22 kinds of when these intelligent software can provide batteries system different control pattern, and can come true muti_function collateral. Among them 3 kinds of the most important systems are:

1. intelligence electric power runs a system, make sure electrified wire netting is in not store can larger portion also can use below the circumstance but second birth the sources of energy. Administrative system meets what real time estimation can receive electrified wire netting but second birth energy resources is the greatest scale, integrated consideration generates electricity the data of side and demand side, trends matchs a coal report n that maintains electrified wire netting to run place to need normally.

2. batteries power station runs a system, can make sure batteries is OK and successful the effective electrified wire netting that accepts any scale, no matter be the electrified wire netting on the isle or intercontinental electrified wire netting. Batteries management system considers the harmonious effect of inverter and batteries at the same time, so that they can provide crucial system,serve. Many inverter paralell connection works, mutual before exchange demand without any structural sex information. They receive the mains frequency data that transmits their only, make response to this. This also is million the unique part of the batteries management system in electrified wire netting of made of baked clay class. Administrative system still can coordinate the bear of each batteries according to power demand, and the operation data of calibration batteries, while implementation batteries system is exterior and harmonious as far as possible the service life that prolongs batteries.

3. innovates can effect management system can be optimized store can system, wind energy, solar energy generates electricity device and reserve dynamo.

Classic case

Germany is used the first times at frequency modulation store can batteries project

September 2014, garden of Younicos batteries industry suffers German electrified wire netting to entrust, offer the lithium ion batteries of 5MW for its, built Germany the first industrial report store can batteries frequency project, participate in a country " lay in " among the market, offer for electrified wire netting frequency adjustment, voltage is propped up and start a capacity. This 5MW/5MWh system will help German electrified wire netting achieve bear balance, and promote future 20 years the unifinication of green the sources of energy.

The first home business of European store can project

Younicos is returned with but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity enterprise WemagAG is in Germany together Ximeikelunbao city (the power station of lithium ion harbour that WestMecklenburg) builds a 5MW. This project or the instantaneous fluctuation that will lose subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy of electrified wire netting for promotion and adjust power supply frequency provides experience, conduce to make sure wind report and electric power of smooth hot season merge into the security of existing electrified wire netting. Hiersemenzel also discloses to the reporter, adjust the sole purpose that power supply frequency is not this project development. "For example voltage control, add can and Hei Qi is moved (the appurtenant function such as Blackstart) will undertake study after installation is finished. "

Release new generation store can solution: Y.Cube

To get used to instantly store can the demand of the market, younicos rolled out the hardware product Y.Cube that the company uses the first times at frequency modulation of electrified wire netting 14 days this month.

Y.Cube details picture

Y.Cube interior structure - converter

The main structure of Y.Cube changes system and lithium ion batteries to form by power, the wisdom with the banner industry that controlling a system is company research and development store can software controls a system. Reduced the cost that dimensional requirement and systematic dimension require firmly greatly. Because control a system to have adjusting control with batteries system directly, shortened batteries answers time, raised changeover efficiency and electrified wire netting effectively to stabilize rate.

In the meantime, through undertaking cooperative with many batteries supplier, of Y.cube modular the design is OK and integrated different batteries system solves any power / the requirement that energy compares. Apply to the requirement of any systems to ensure the greatest performance is mixed, batteries had strict test in company technology center.

Because the dimension of Y.Cube is lesser, spot crane does not need when installation, save a large number of time and money. Carry to facilitate, y.Cube can be become by cent two parts – includes partly or two 250kVA electric power changes a system, another part includes other batteries matrix. Of Y.Cube 250 or 500kVA group piece deploy of OK and alone ground is using a program lesserly, OK also and shunt-wound rise the system that compose builds much tile. After the installation that finish, younicos has the control center through be located in Germany the monitoring government of 24/7 to the system.

The CEOJamesP.McDougall of Younicos says, y.cube represented next generation store can solution.

The article is compiled integratedly mix from Younicos official net, Greentechmedia, RenewableInternational, GermanEnergyTransition the content of association of new energy resources of Chinese of small signal Germany

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