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China store can net dispatch: UET is store can the new company of the domain, the special place of this company depends on developing current battery. Recently, they claim the research and development of current batteries achieved new milestone, this lets people can'ts help and suffer the tesla that fix eyes upon fully store can equipment is done in order to compare.

A the new-style current batteries of UET company is support of American energy department store can project, the target is to be in achieve large-scale with unifinication of electrified wire netting when, the lithium ion batteries that can give priority to with tesla batteries undertakes compare and contrasting.

The prospect of this kind of batteries looks very bright, let us look well store can the change of the market.

As but the rapid growth of the sale of second birth the sources of energy and electric car, the tide of these burgeoning domains is being driven store can of the market " rocket type " take off. As a result of the intermittence of wind energy and solar energy, store can type fill of these new energy resources practical the decisive technology with dependability, this to but the dimensions of second birth the sources of energy turns operation: The sense is extraordinary for family expenses, enterprise and other and small-sized user.

So far, technology of lithium ion batteries is the function that energy stores and the standard that cost balances all the time, and lithium ion batteries expands easily. What so tesla car and super battery plant use is lithium ion batteries. The Powerwall that tesla rolls out recently is aimed at namely small-sized store can the lithium battery product of the market, special get market reception.

But, other store can the technology also progresses in ceaseless research and development, current batteries is a kind among them. "Current " be what appearance? It is two canister liquid actually, there is electrolyte inside, send in order to smoke to batteries room, batteries is indoor have one film, 2 kinds of electrolyte are lying between filmy reaction, generation electric power, when charging, converse reaction.

Inchoate current batteries comparatives costly, efficiency is low, but in recent years the advance rapidly as the technology, these obstacles are not a problem any more. Be in the United States, the laboratory of state of Pacific Ocean northwest that what promote current cell research and development actively is energy department (PNNL) .

The current batteries of UET comes from the research and development at PNNL, it is batteries of complete vanadium current store can system. The technical breakthrough of PNNL is in adding hydrochloric acid electrolyte solution. What traditional current batteries uses is vitriolic, and PNNL discovery, two kinds of acid mix when using, store ability increased 70% ! Batteries of complete vanadium current still has an advantage is, can of 100% reclaim use.

2014, UET company won the support of fund of cleanness of American energy department and Washington, built 3 million to cover with tiles / batteries of current of complete vanadium of 10 million watt-hour store can system. Company of the Uet in this project will apply his to mix acid electrolyte technology first, increase energy density about 40% , can widen batteries of complete vanadium current uses temperature window and voltage range, reduce heat government specific power consumption.

2015, of the project of intelligent electrified wire netting of the administrative division that UET company still acquired Washington participate in construction, the wind energy the sources of energy that so that be this area,uses is built efficient store system.

Compare with tesla photograph, does UET have He You power? According to the data of UET, its store can the system generates electricity cost is more similar than tesla the cost of the product is a lot of times lower, and wait for integrated respect considering attenuation of usability, flammability, capacity, tesla store can the 1/4 that systematic life is UET product only arrives 1/2!

Although be aimed at tesla everywhere, nevertheless the chief of this company still says: Thank the success of tesla, let later store can the support that the company wins capital and policy more easily.

Although this may be the exaggeration of one-sided, but one dares and industry bibcock " cry board " company, we are hopeful still its become, this just explained store can the energy of this one domain is sheer.

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