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   Burgeoning store can industrial pioneer people cross of all previous classics, expect Nie renascence.

   On October 30, burgeoning store can the sad news of the death of industry is transmitted, the large-scale flywheel with banner whole world store can systematic supplier Beacon Power announces to apply for to go bankrupt protection. And it is a year ago, this company still obtained American energy department the loan of 43 million dollar assures. Beacon Power built the first large-scale flywheel with this money store can project of application of electrified wire netting, the 20MW flywheel that is located in new York city namely store can project.  

Graph: The whole world that Beacon Power is located in new York city flywheel of first 20MW electrified wire netting store can project

   And of back-to-back move at the beginning of November, as a result of deep-set and financial crisis, share price is long-term low fan, the Ener1 of manufacturer of battery of advanced lithium ion that is located in American new York was traded by stock of Na Sida gram a few days ago the market removes a shop sign. This company is the parent company of EnerDel, enerDel ever obtained American energy department at the beginning of 2010 the capital support of 118 million dollar is used at new battery plant is being built in indiana city. The comment thinks, ener1 may make afterwards free wheel store can another after company of manufacturer Beacon Power announces to go bankrupt store can company.

   And even if is to be like A123 to wait for what the sale behaves to already had better market store can the manufacturer also nots allow in the expression of stock market hopeful. Be in childhood store can of the industry store those who overflow long night can be overflow to suffer before the company is experiencing dawn.

Those who go bankrupt think of

   Beacon Power is appear on the market company (NASDAQ:BCON) , its stock price is successive before this a few months wanders in 0.5 dollars left and right sides, far the lowermost share price that asks under NASDAQ does not get the early-warning line under 1 dollar 30 days continuously. The company already received the warning retreating city of NASDAQ for many times before this. And in the United States federal energy resources manages appoint meeting (FERC) below the new support bill that approved on October 20, the comment thinks Beacon Power hopeful wins a new student at that time, avoid the tragic destiny of the Solyndra that weigh skip, but because the financial standing of this company is had no all the time,improve, go bankrupt tragedy repeats once more. Beacon Power company is going broke the statement in filing a document: The company owns property of 72 million dollar now, debt of 47 million dollar.

   Beacon Power is dedicated Yu Fei annulus store can the system is in electrified wire netting store can the large-scale application of the domain, with other flywheel store can the fixed position of the company is different, bring about its to realize gain below current environment hard. Reserve with UPS for instance the flywheel that power source is staple market store can the financial standing of company of supplier Active Power is better. But class of large-scale electrified wire netting store the market that can use still needs to have be similar to such Beacon Power company to develop, what develop in the industry is inchoate, how to give aid to these preeminent companies need all circles to be made hard.

   Presiding apparitor of Beacon Power company compares Er • triumphant general says in a statement: “ overcomes the joint action of the announcement that retreat city to fall in stagnant political economy climate and Na Sida, current company obtains financing very hard from security market. ”Beacon Power is right flywheel store can the long research and development that equipment had 10 years, in this kind of high-tech store can the investment on equipment research and development is close already 200 million dollar. Charge of research and development is extinct the major fund of the company, crisis of its finance affairs procrastinates directly broke down the precursor of the travel before hardship.

   Regard large-scale electrified wire netting as class store the precursor that can apply, the tragedy of Beacon Power more resemble a martyr. In store can the technology lets a hundred flowers blossom, store can commercialize evidence to look up slightly today, the insolvency of Beacon Power will be become probably store can industry always the incident of unforgettable bosom. Beacon Power started free wheel store can system and the precedent that power company cooperates, make power market begins to accept flywheel store can technology. Tell from this angle, in flywheel store can on the history that the technology develops, even store on the history that can develop, the achievement of Beacon Power is unmanned and OK replace.

   Be in inchoate large-scale burgeoning store can the market, technical cost is exorbitant, commercialize application to be in blank, store can company desire realizes gain, basically be unlikely. Be in since Beacon Power is long-term of financial crisis sloughy in hard extricate oneself, the investment that comes from each domains such as the government uses up almost to use up gradually, go up in stock market share price is long-term low fan already realized financing without the likelihood. And after Solyndra goes bankrupt, american government is in-house the clean technology loan that to Aobama governmental institute offers assures stimulative plan has dissatisfaction more, with party assemblyman Stern of Ke Lifu • says: “ this newest failure is severity is vigilant, it tells people, the loan of energy department assures policy stimulates obtain employment without implementation, let taxpayer fill this large deficit instead. ” this more drama the pressure returning Zhang that comes from governmental respect loan. Below this kind of case, the choice goes bankrupt to already was become lift helplessly.

   In American government multinomial give aid to the support of the plan falls, store can demonstrative application blossom everywhere of the technology, to drive store can large-scale application of the technology made graven contribution. And the insolvency of Beacon Power also lets more be in childhood period store can times move of company is desolate, government of public opinion appeal is careful give aid to burgeoning company, the Qian Hu that taking taxpayer plays in disorder, the clean the sources of energy of government of abstruse Ba Ma gives aid to plan more suffer bad-mouth accordingly. Undeniable is, from angle consideration of the people, the domain fact that governmental invest in makes money impossibly is laughingstock. And consider from industrial angle, the government is aimed at Beacon Power such outstanding store can the loan that the give aid to meaning Yuan Chao of the company spent the 43 million dollar that its offer assures. Large-scale store can regard one Xiang Yuqing clean as the industry with power close together and relevant market, what develop in the industry is inchoate, give aid to outstanding store can the company builds a few projects that have demonstrative sense as soon as possible, gain the experience that commercializes operation, it is a route that must take.

   Beacon Power presiding apparitor compares Er • triumphant general expresses: Its are located in “ the 20MW flywheel of new York city store can the project still is moving normally, go bankrupt in the course after relevant formalities of the court, we still can strive for potential investor, our purpose is to let this store can the project continues operation goes down. Who comes to ” the below one baton that receives Beacon Power? The likelihood of need is courage not just.

   But what we can believe is, the insolvency of Beacon Power is not in on behalf of its flywheel store can all success that the domain gains subsequently grey flying smoke destroys, will have a successor eventually the road along Beacon, before continueing, go. She also will let Beacon Power realize Nie renascence.

   Difficult journey

   The United States is burgeoning store can the industry is mixed in federal before all sorts of giving aid to that stagger below the plan, each city goes, store can the company also gave hardships effort for this, but animal farm at store can cost still exorbitant, commercialize foreground vague, each are big store can the company is in store can project operation business still must be depended on external capital helps, be out of pocket does a project to become store can the special case of industry. To pass demonstrative project test and verify as soon as possible store can technical feasibility, in an attempt to seeks the solution of more low cost, store can the choice it may be said of the company must not do it soon.

   Watch home instead, china store can the industry is in more the phase of childhood period, of China burgeoning large-scale store can company also can be counted on one's fingers. Below Chinese government support store can the project is more very few, national scene store be defeated by demonstrative project to become country a few big store can the exclusive and important battlefield that be out of pocket contends for the company this year. Why does is be out of pocket even crowded head upgrade emerge? Every store can the company expects to be in store can of the industry inchoate the demonstrative experience that gains big project, establish oneself to counterpoise in the speech inside the industry, in an attempt to lays next solid foundations for long-term development.

   relatively Yu Guangfu or wind report domain, the darkness before dawn to store can for it seems that endless all the more, even up to now, we had not seen little dawn. But those who invigorate popular feeling is, although have precursor but become martyr, but still more and more sequela are in no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach, before continueing to fumble in the night, go. In be in predicament store can practitioner people believe, dawn can come eventually!


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