ZBB marchs Chinese market will be joint-stock establish the United States can international of Energy Storage Company - is dynamic - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:37 energy storage company
   China store can net dispatch: A few days ago, xin east Inc. of PowerSav of investment and company of American ZBB energy, United States signed cooperative agreement jointly, according to this cooperation agreement, company of American ZBB energy and American PowerSav Inc. establish a Hong Kong jointly joint-stock control a limited company. Again coact of joint-stock company of You Xindong investment and Hong Kong establishs Anhui beauty can store can limited company, manufacturing zinc bromic current store can batteries and its management system, among them Xin east investment takes the equity of 45.87% .

   Batteries of zincic bromic current basically applies at high capacity store can domain, with traditional lead acid batteries photograph fills discharge time than having much, store can density tall, service life is long, applicable temperature limits price of light, sex compares little weight of wide, bulk advanced characteristic, the territory that suits discharge time to use fixed number of year to grow in 1~8 hour, batteries especially is used. And American ZBB is domain of zincic bromic batteries get army person, its are inchoate research and development is OK restrospect to 70 time, at present its product has been in the United States the market such as the army, small network, Lou Yu wins application, also generate electricity to obtain 2 order with electrified wire netting in the light of smooth hot season in Chinese market first half of the year this year. ZBB regards a key as the market China before give great attention, seek electrified wire netting, as southern as the country electrified wire netting and domestic company actively to build a partner to concern. This collaboration establishs the United States can store the inevitable choice that also can be market of ZBB development China. UZ Energy energy storage company energy storage companies