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China store can net dispatch: Store can systematic dimensions and energy density rise increasingly, advantage of liquid cooling technology is highlighted.

Be in " double carbon setting + policy " below drive, store can the market rises quickly. Meanwhile, chu Nengan complete accident also common occurance. Rough statistic, up to now, inside global limits, store can systematic fire accident already exceeded 50 cases.

Chu Nengan whole issue becomes the Chongzhongzhi that whole even society pays close attention to whole industry to weigh with each passing day.

Among them, the problem of hot out of control of lithium ion batteries is being affected badly store can systematic efficiency and safety. Accordingly, the accurate control of batteries temperature is further improvement store can systematic safety, promotion store can the important step of systematic efficiency and life.

Current, store can wind of domain temperature management is cold medicinal powder heat is occupied taller. Its structure simple, cost is inferior, the quantity of heat that produces electric core through fan directly is taken exterior, but also put what bedding face of slower, need accumulates low, cooling rate in heat exchange coefficient to come loose the malpractice such as hot passageway.

Be based on this, liquid cooling technology is led by right of heat conduction tall, medicinal powder heat up evener, specific power consumption inferior, cover an area of an area to wait for an advantage less, more and more get the attention of the industry.

According to the senior engineer store can comb, at present power source of the sources of energy of peaceful heart times, Biyadi, distant view, sunshine, Haibosai is achieved, the enterprise such as electron of land of peaceful new energy resources, division already all rolled out liquid cooling product, domain of technology of face liquid cooling sends force.

Peaceful heart times

Be based on technology of box of report of CTP of technology of core of macrobian life report, liquid cooling, peaceful heart times rolls out product of open system EnerOne. This product includes ark of group of electric core, model, report, system, obtained attestation of the heart austral TUV in September 2020, attestation limits covers Europe and demand of North America standard, for its the international market such as farther thorough Europe and North America laid good foundation.


Module of batteries of technology of its liquid cooling in 2 hours of rated power initiative energy charges discharge in test test, batteries monomer extreme difference of the biggest temperature does not exceed real time 3 ℃ ; After 2 hours of rated power fill discharge to circulate 500 times, fill / discharge energy maintains rate it is respectively 95.9% , 96.1% , energy efficiency 95.4% ; Liquid cooling batteries forms a cluster in 2 hours of rated power initiative energy charges discharge in test test, batteries monomer extreme difference of the biggest temperature does not exceed real time 4 ℃ , cogent reduced batteries to form a cluster / the system is carried, the memory, safe risk when safeguarding.

Distant view the sources of energy

Last year October, distant view the sources of energy is released brand-new wisdom liquid cooling store can product, the liquid cooling heat that introduces maturity of dynamical automobile industry manages a technology, essence of difference in temperature of core of report of modular across block accurate control is in 3 ℃ less than. Data shows, with common wind cold product photograph is compared, this liquid cooling store can the battery life of the product promotes 20% , specific power consumption reduces 20% above, cover an area of an area managing 50% above.

Sunshine power source

Last year in October, sunshine power source is rolled out brand-new liquid cooling store can system, continuance liquid cooling is better all lukewarm, lower power comsumption while, the buy inside innovation sex " bunch class manages implement " , solve batteries on one hand " cask effect " difficult problem, support new old battery to mix on the other hand with, decrease store can supplementary cost, reduce LCOS further, the taller need with better contented entire to Chu Nengan market.

Hai Bosai is achieved

Last year in April, hai Bosai is achieved roll out HyperL1 liquid cooling store can system. relatively wind cold system, its energy density promotes 80% , the life promotes 20% , auxiliary power comsumption is reduced 20% ; The system is top temperature ≤ 3 ℃ of 35 ℃ , ≤ of difference in temperature; IP67 double deck is flame retardant explosion proof design, check hot out of control effectively; Standardize a design, modular systematic design, facilitate carry, installation and spot are safeguarded; Dimension of intelligent monitoring carry, platform of cloud of HyperBMCloud batteries management is monitored remotely in real time, breakdown early-warning, move in order to make sure the system is stable and reliable.

peaceful new energy resources

Last year, peaceful new energy resources is released " liquid cooling of 1500V of hump of TELOGY peaceful collect store can the system is tasted newly " , this system basically applies setting in the light of power source side, compositive 1500V PCS and step up change wait for core equipment, blend in system of liquid cooling batteries, apply to new energy resources the different application setting such as peak of attune of compositive, frequency modulation, have height compositive, on the safe side, fall this synergism, wisdom is friendly wait for a characteristic.

Division land electron

The unifinication liquid cooling of division land electron store can systematic E30, use liquid cooling to come loose hot technology, design without corridor, support DC1500V voltage platform, receive agile; Modular design, compositive change rate tall, factory unifinication production delivers goods, fit net of GWh project group; 2.5MWh 1CP is down compatible, satisfy much stage paralell connection to decorate, cover an area of an area small, can marry a variety of PCS power; The system supports net of quick disposition, rapid group, the project is friendly model system, implementation joins key project; Apply to fire store side of form a complete set of associated frequency modulation, new energy resources, electrified wire netting, user side, independent store can wait for a domain.

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