Global Batteryenergy Storage Companies obtained wind of 850 million dollar to invest gold 2018 - store can project and net and attemper - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 15:08 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: According to Mercom capital newest issuance report discloses, 2018, the whole world is right batteries store can the wind investment gold of the company increased 19% to 850 million dollar, involve 49 to trade in all. Under photograph comparing, 30 traded 2017 capital dimensions accumulative total reachs 714 million dollar.

Among them, industry financing amount (include debt and open market financing) 1.3 billion dollar raised 2018, was 890 million dollar 2017.

Among them, the fund that company of technology of lithium ion batteries obtains is most, reach 236 million dollar, it is the sources of energy next store can systematic company, obtain financing 193 million dollar.

5 batteries with the biggest 2018 financing store can kind the enterprise is respectively: QuantumScape raises fund 100 million dollar, stem raises fund 80 million dollar, sonnen raises fund 71 million dollar, sila Nanotechnologies raises fund 70 million dollar, ionic Materials raises fund 65 million dollar.

According to statistic, 2018, share 73 () venture capital investment person share cell store can trade, and the number 2017 is 86.

2018, the batteries of exposure store can the debt of the company and common market financing raise to 490 million dollar, involve in all trade 11, and 12 of 2017 trade dimensions is 177 million dollar. Among them, the IPO of 270 million dollar of Bloom Energy is the biggest 2018 open market financing trades.

Meanwhile, 3 cell that showed 2018 store can project financing total is 352 million dollar, and 3 of 2017 prepare capital specified number to be 446 million dollar with type project.

2018, show 11 cell in all store can project financing trades, amount amounts to 434 million dollar. Batteries stores kind share 16 and buy trade, among them only 3 exposure trade amount. 2017, have 3 and buy trade, among them two are announced trade amount.

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