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Enterprise & invite public bidding piece

Make the same score high group

Electric power of smooth high group store department of trade of what one is particularly good at plans to purchase a flywheel store can base, the cycle that offer money is 30 days. First respondent end time is on September 20, 2019.

Smooth high electric limited company purchases batteries of ion of lithium of life of high reliability long life centrally store can systematic development and industrialization application project change with box component. Attend respondent to was gotten to 19 days on September 17, 2019 of purpose purchase a file, first respondent end time on September 24, 2019.

Pinggaoji is round store can scene of limited company of science and technology store demonstrative project plans to purchase container cabin body to reach complementary control device 2, include battery monitoring of equipment of system of system of prefab cabin casing, batteries wearing, heat management, fire extinguishing system, distribution, lighting, entrance guard, video, after the cycle that offer money is signed for the contract 30 days. Every attends respondent to purchase a file at coming 19 days to get on September 17, 2019 of purpose. First respondent end time: On September 24, 2019.

Pinggaoji is round store can 2018-2019 of limited company of science and technology year store can the project plans to purchase prefab cabin distribution, heat run Ji Zhifu system, include converge cabinet 216 stage, heat manage ark of 432 stage, distribution equipment 1, wisdom complementary system (elder brother hill) 1, wisdom complementary system (on the west round) 1, wisdom complementary system (celebrate unripe cross) 1. After date of delivery is signed for the contract 30 days. Attend of purpose respondent got on September 23 at coming since September 19, 2019 purchase a file. First respondent end time on September 26, 2019.

Southern electrified wire netting

Frequency modulation of peak of attune of southern electrified wire netting generates electricity limited company moves peak frequency modulation to generate electricity with respect to southern electrified wire netting distributed Chu Nengju joins limited company research of commercial operation mode makes public invite public bidding to home, every attends the unit that bid to all can get document of invite public bidding on September 23 at coming on September 12, 2019 of purpose.

Make afterwards cable division

Hangzhou of division of the cable that command follow store can the project purchases BMS batteries to run a system, the requirement is respondent the person's product should accumulative total has 200MWh (not under 20 million yuan) the batteries management system that reachs above lays goods outstanding achievement, must have two to reach above individual 30WMh (single item not under 3 million yuan) of above store can project application proof. Intended participant, got document signing up on September 18, 2019 at coming since September 16, 2019 please, first respondent end time on September 23, 2019.

East state arranges energy science and technology

On September 17, dalian east country arranges limited company of energy science and technology to issue announcement, source of network of country of happy with respect to inn of Dalian Pu Lan armour is friendly model batteries of current of complete vanadium of demonstrative project of wind electric field store can systematic equipment is purchased undertake publicity invite public bidding, project total capacity is 10MW/40MWh, requirement store can the date of delivery of systematic equipment is on March 31, 2020.

Country the net is energy-saving

On September 19, country the net is energy-saving company with respect to Xinjiang light store the project releases first EPC to always contract announcement of invite public bidding, project plan builds before November 30, 2019 join movement.

Announcement shows, first project includes two: Report casts 16.5MW/33MWh of company of Ke Su of A of Xinjiang energy chemical industry in store can project and in report casts Xinjiang energy chemical industry and Tian Gong 10MW/20MWh of power station of smooth hot season of Si Luopu 60MW store can project. Of file of invite public bidding get time to arrive from September 19, 2019 on September 28, 2019, time of open sealed tenders: On October 10, 2019.

Intelligent science and technology of Yi Nengzhi of Xi'an of & of shellfish spy luck

Subsidiary of shellfish spy luck drafts with 110MWh batteries evaluate 88 million yuan (contain tax) investment becomes a shareholder Xi'an is easy can, layout store can business, after casting, hold occupy than 13.54% . Limited company of intelligent science and technology established Xi'an Yi Nengzhi in August 2017, register capital 200 million yuan, dedicated store can the power station invests operation, accumulative total already joined movement store can power station 100MWH.


Sunrun announces to will cooperate with OATI, in deploy of made of baked clay introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad island 1000 distributed solar energy + store can system, for Hawaiian power company (the capacity of the 4.3MW of infuse of electrified wire netting of HECO) and fast frequency serve.


Company of Neoen of business of French energy development plans to be in south Australian city builds a the sources of energy super garden area, send the wind-force that in deploy of this garden area an installed capacity is 1.2GW electric field, the batteries that installed capacity sends electric field and an installed capacity to be 800MW for the solar energy of 600MW store can system. This company ever took the place of with Huo Ensi of city of the Australia austral tesla company joint development Er wind-force sends electric field + batteries store can system.


American solar energy and store can develop business Nexamp company deploy its first batteries store can project, will be in new York respectively city and deploy of city of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai 6 store can system, store can total capacity is 51MWh. This project will get mechanism of value of NY-Sun of new York city, distributed the sources of energy (VDER) and city of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance but target of second birth the sources of energy plans (SMART) offerred economy is incentive.

The project is dynamic piece


By domestic much home store can enterprise, research organization and financial orgnaization participate in jointly " bank report + mobile store can the crucial technology research that the system leaves in water area condition and application " the project experiments in Jiangsu Zhenjiang start working. The project plans to build 200MWh in system of cable of bank of Zhenjiang harbor harbor store can power station, contented surface crosses refute exercise and storage content to shed work requirement.


Ireland plans to cost 300 million euro to build 200MW store can project. The lithium that project cent is two 100MW is ionic store can unit, be located in Irish the eastpart part respectively human relations this save especially (Leinster) county of abstruse law benefit (County Offaly) near Ferbane and Shannonbridge. The development business of the project is company of energy of Korea Han Hua, irish company Lumcloon Energy Limited also is the partner of this project.

According to international but the data of arrange of second birth the sources of energy, ireland goes the pump water harbour of annual bottom can ability is 292 MW, installed capacity of its water and electricity is 529 MW, solar energy and wind energy occupy 3518 MW and 29 MW respectively, and fossil fuel still satisfies Ireland about the power demand of the half.

The United States

New York city has finished new York at present the biggest batteries store can system and net deploy. The project is batteries of 20MW lithium ion by the installed capacity of deploy of company of Key Capture Energy of energy development business store can system at new York is in before a few months Sidierwote opens operation, this store can the system is offerred by NEC company.

Bureau of los angeles water and electricity (LADWP) announced to develop company of business 8minute Solar Energy to sign a contract with the sources of energy a few days ago, the plan builds smooth hot season installed capacity is 400MW, store can systematic capacity 300MW/1, the Eland solar energy of 200MWh + store can central project. This light bend over + store can the project will be divided period construction, plan 2022 partial operation, and at comprehensive 2023 operation. The project will be bureau of los angeles water and electricity (LADWP) the case of electrovalency of solar energy hair that provides minimum of American throughout history: Every kilowatt hour is less than 2 cent.


The company of National Grid of business of power system operation of operation of responsible England electrified wire netting asks safe to electrified wire netting level undertakes checkup, what put forward to need installed capacity to be 1GW about is agile store can capacity.

Policy piece

Labour believes a ministry: " about beginning intelligent light volt is pilot demonstrative announcement "

Support builds demonstrative project of smooth hot season of a batch of intelligence, include to use product of intelligent smooth hot season, shirt-sleeve big data, Internet and artificial intelligence, offer the item that intelligent smooth hot season serves for the user. The country is demonstrative base of new-style industrialized property, smooth volt " get the person that run " the enterprise of base seat and project, smooth hot season store can apply unifinication of smooth hot season of project, construction to use a project (BIPV) is preferential support.

In electric couplet: " much can complementary distributed the sources of energy can effect evaluates technical guideline " seek an opinion

Of this standard put forward to be system of much can complementary distributed the sources of energy can effect is evaluated offer a technology to prop up, measure bit of configuration to offer instructor for system of much can complementary distributed the sources of energy, be helpful for a standard can effect evaluates professional work carry out.

Jiangsu can inspect does: " Jiangsu electric power assists a service (tone peak) the market is opened stop trade additional regulation (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) "

State the market begins initial stage, participate in the market main body that opens peak stopping tone to assist a service provisional move power plant of public coal fired, power plant burning gas for all, side of of all kinds electrified wire netting, power source side, user side store can establishment, and the tripartite that provides integrated energy service (the following abbreviation is integrated the sources of energy serves trader) .

Among them, accord with admittance condition and charge / discharge power 20 million made of baked clay above, duration of 2 hours of above store can power station, can register tone peak to assist service market member directly. Encourage integrated the sources of energy to serve business assemble store can power station, the capacity achieves the assemble charge / discharge power 20 million made of baked clay above, duration 2 hours of above and those who accord with admittance condition, can register tone peak to assist service market member.

The Gansu Province: " electric power of the Gansu Province assists regulation of service market operation (edit draft) "

Encourage generate electricity the investment such as provider of user of company of enterprise, carry out phone, power, independent auxiliary service builds cable store can establishment, the requirement fills electric power to be in 10 thousand kilowatt and above, charge continuously time 4 hours of above. The user can be inside metric exit (also can introduce tripartite) investment is built store can move peak establishment, attemper by electric power orgnaization monitoring, record its are filled in real time, discharge condition. The cable that builds in user side store can establishment can serve as an user already store can the power user that equipment also can regard independence as of one's own accord shares market of the service that move a peak.

The United States: " NFPA 855 stationary store can the system installs a standard "

Standard regulation, store can every groups of Chu Nengrong measure the system most greatly 50kWh; Include store can the fire prevention protective screen that systematic room should have at least 2 hours of fireproof order and degree and the other area with the building are separated; The open air outdoor, movable type store can in waiting to must not issue a list more than, the biggest Chu Nengrong measures the system value.


Styria city consideration of Austria installs smooth hot season compulsively on all new structures, the smooth hot season that national climate fund will back agriculture and forestry aspect and store can project, the system of smooth hot season that should plan to will be 5-50kW capacity provides subsidy, still be every kilowatt hour store can the system provides subsidy, 3 times what can amount to housetop smooth hot season to generate electricity more highest. The budget that shares 6 million euro this (next year the likelihood still is met increase) , end about the application of allowance next year on November 20, perhaps exhaust till the budget.

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