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China store can net dispatch: Recently, brand Finance of advisory company of well-known trademark value released England " China is the most valuable 2018 brand 300 strong " a list of names posted up is odd, this year, with store in can relevant enterprise, have a list of names posted up on 20 enterprises, enter China is the most valuable 2018 brand 300 strong.

Be in store can learn elder sister to arrange store can in sheet of domain a list of names posted up, two enterprises are entered respectively China is the most valuable 2018 before the brand 10 strong, it is a country respectively electrified wire netting and China for.

National electrified wire netting appears on Chinese brand first 300 strong pop chart, jump with two hundred and seventy-one billion nine hundred and eighty-one million yuan brand value house the 6th, china rank for the brand value with two hundred and fifty-two billion seven hundred and twenty-nine million yuan the 8th.

20 be seleted store can in the enterprise, have 3 companies the rank photograph in sheet of a list of names posted up relatively last year the rank rises, it is respectively China for, auspicious car and division power electric equipment, progress among them electric equipment of most apparent power of division wanting number, the rank rose 34 places. 3 enterprises rank drops, it is group of steam of Chang'an car, TCL, north respectively. 14 enterprises of the others, all be to appear on Chinese brand first 300 strong pop chart.

What detailed content shows list as follows:

National electrified wire netting

Company of national electrified wire netting is company of China's biggest electrified wire netting, service limits covers Chinese major land, service population exceeds 1 billion. National electrified wire netting invests and use extrahigh voltage line " intelligent electrified wire netting " the project such as power system, realized cleaner, more efficient power transmission. 2009, national electrified wire netting always invests 1 billion yuan country scene store be defeated by Zhang Bei of demonstrative project settle.

Project of the end of the year was cast 2011 postpartum, scene store be defeated by demonstrative project preliminary it is difficult to came true forecast, source of the wind that attempers difficult control, hard, photoelectricity becomes high grade green power source to receive big electrified wire netting, look from current and actual condition, the firm is all and own the world initiate scene of intellectual property store generate electricity jointly systematic moving stability, efficiency is reliable, preliminary already building network source is friendly model wind electric field and friendly model power station of smooth hot season, build the batteries with world the largest scale store can power station and concentration monitoring platform.

China for

China be is the information with banner whole world and communication technology (ICT) solution supplier, dedicated at ICT domain, hold to dovish manage, continuously innovation, open collaboration, the domain waited to build the solution dominant position that carries end in telegraphic operation business, enterprise, terminal and cloud computation.

China source of bed PowerCube plan aux will be able to generates electricity, control, store can, the component such as refrigeration, OSS is organic and compositive in a system, make full use of of all sorts of the sources of energy such as town report, solar energy, derv receive neatly, the requirement of communication site power supply that satisfies the report that do not have city and town report poor district, ensure the site obtains best TCO, support the flowing gradual progress to future.

Auspicious car

On Feburary 11, auspicious total investment autograph of 32.6 billion yuan project of car of new energy resources arranges a ceremony growing promote hold, include produce per year project of car of 300 thousand new energy resources, produce per year project of garden of industry of data of project of 600 thousand transmission and auspicious car zoology.

On March 20, li Shufu is in conferences of 13 whole nations the 5th " delegate passageway " go up to also disclose say, auspicious should increase dynamoelectric change a course, auspicious blue action plans 2020, the auspicious product of 90% above is car of new energy resources.

Division power electric equipment

2016, division force from home appliance industry " cross a boundary " enter field of car of new energy resources, devote oneself to the development of business of new energy resources, the technology of core of battery of titanium acerbity lithium that through Zhuhai Yin Longzhang grasps, cut new energy resources quickly electric car domain, dong Mingzhu expresses, division power electric equipment grinds before a few years successfully early give out air conditioning of smooth hot season, devoting oneself to to build the energy management system that is an unit with the family in recent years, if battery of titanium acerbity lithium adds this system, it may be said " with might doubled " . Future if Lou Yu store can equipment to the limit of one's capacity, bring will be the market of -727379968.


Biyadi with batteries build up, entered automobile industry 2003. On Feburary 3, 2018, qinghai saline resource development limited company and Qinghai saline Buddha illuminate Biyadi of company of estate of blue division lithium " 3+2 " project of lithium of batteries class carbonic acid is formal start working, industry says this will be China project of lithium of the biggest carbonic acid.

"3+2 " it is lake of sea salt pointing to blueness resource develops Biyadi Buddha of saline of project of lithium of carbonic acid of class of 30 thousand tons of batteries, Qinghai takes limited company project of lithium of carbonic acid of class of 20 thousand tons of batteries of company of estate of La Ke lithium, two projects invest nearly 8 billion yuan, predicting construction time limit for a project is controlled 1 year partly, at the appointed time lithium of saline share carbonic acid is produced can will achieve 60 thousand tons / year.

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