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  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 15:11 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: On Feburary 9, store can south the enterprise power source and electric power of Hua Run of company of phone of a put on sale sign strategic cooperation agreement. South the basis news of network of power source official, both sides will be in store can, the respect such as business of the cable that buy carry out and service begins collaboration, joint development buys carry out electricity relevant project, build small network store can system, development increment matchs a net + store can business, collaboration strengthens market development, implementation industry technology upgrades.

On traditional sense, china embellish electric power is one generates electricity enterprise. In passing to restrict an activity in this autograph, the tall canal that China embellish respect attends basically comes from carry out report board piece, general manager of general manager of department of manage of fulgurite of vice-president of China embellish electric power, carry out, vise general manager, assistant all of general manager of company of phone of carry out of He Huarun Zhejiang is present. Look from public information, this should be store can the enterprise begins strategic collaboration with company of carry out phone first.

Store can the enterprise is good at product and technology, company of carry out phone is good at a service. Both is united in wedlock, bring out the best in each other. Can foreknow, this kind of collaboration will increasing.

If say store can what do enterprise and company of carry out phone have to appeal to jointly beg, that passes service power user to get income namely. South power source is in in going two years with " investment + operation " commercial pattern key drives user side store can project, with the contract the mode of energy management provides energy-saving service for the user. Company of carry out phone participates in the means that electric power trades directly through acting user, help user gets low n and share profit. But if be confined to type of such single professional work, store can with carry out report two kinds of companies may go and not far.

From store can the angle of the enterprise looks, no matter be to cut a peak to fill cereal, reduce basic charge of electricity, still participate in demand side to answer, store the mainest value that can offer in user side is to reduce the cost that use phone. But to the user, the train of thought that reduces the cost that use phone is more than however store can a kind.

The way that makes charge of electricity less has a lot of: Have a plenty of technical level, use the device of high-energy effect for instance, begin illume energy-saving transform, can use phone less so; Have a plenty of reasonable use regulation, for instance electric Chu Nengli covers interest with difference of peak cereal electrovalency, reduce basic charge of electricity through reducing peak value negative charge; Some is to use policy, participate in electric power to trade directly namely, enjoy reform bonus, of course, this can is more on broad sense use regulation.

Clearly, gift of law of upper part of integrated carry in order to is the greatest change reduce the cost that use phone. But store can the enterprise relies on oneself to come true not easily only. Company of carry out phone masters user of much electric power, it is primary purpose in order to serve an user, have motivation and conditional conformity resource most undoubtedly. Company of phone of carry out of have the aid of, store can the technology reachs an user more easily.

Look from the angle of company of carry out phone, pure the times that earns difference of the electrovalency that buy carry out is going, pure fall the power market of electrovalency also cannot abiding, offerring appreciation to serve had been company of carry out phone's joint catchword. Accordingly, the technology that chooses more maturity and mode serve an user, be its development due justice.

This south power source and Hua Run electric power and collaboration, perhaps gave store can industry an important enlightenment: Take an user seriously more namely. The system that changes according to epicycle report is designed, company of carry out phone is born oneself with respect to natively apt user, because this is willing,seek all is helpful for that serve the means of the user. But store can the enterprise comes from more at making a trade, the operation company that its create also is bearing the mission that extends new technology and new product. Stand on oneself angle, what emphasize oneself more easily is good, change the requirement of the other side easily infirmly relatively. Good product technology has a lot of, having what thing very hard cannot be replaced, how is ability suiting purpose of the other side very much, good proper?

At present user side store can the market is extending ceaselessly, according to ZhongGuanCun store can statistic of industrial technology alliance, china added the electrochemistry that join movement newly 2017 store can project 121MW, by application setting divides increment of user side domain the biggest, exceed 70MW. About user side store can, discuss at present inside course of study most is how battery cycling life increases, how is cost reduced, investment reclaims how does cycle shorten, these are store can the technology must have drilled " exercise to benefit the internal organs " . Move toward as competition intense and of the market main body such as company of carry out phone intervene, believe to be able to have more store can the enterprise is talked about how to understand user, service user better, this will be store can the business is the mainest " soft actual strength " .

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