Compress air Energy Storage CompaniesSustainX to win the 7th patent - compress air store can - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 15:21 energy storage companies

   China store can net dispatch: Large-scale compress air store can company of SustainX of technical world lead company announced to win the 7th patent a few days ago, (Patent date: No. 12/879, patent of 595) this technology is its compress air to isotherm store can of the technology improve, include to use the innovation method such as hydraulic pressure technology or mechanical crankshaft technology. For instance crankshaft technology is a kind simple, mature, reliable technology, have inferior attrition loss, can provide taller efficiency, transmit more electric energy, support establishs million made of baked clay level store can system.

   SustainX company vice president holds associated author Dax Kepshire concurrently to express: ” should award the important sense that has milepost type to SustainX patently, the company will be capable of type of more of research and development store can system, in order to satisfy diverse market demand.

   Additional all, sustainX was awarded 2011 whole worlds to have company of technology of latent capacity cleanness most a few days ago 100 strong (2011 Global Cleantech 100) . This company is constant temperature compresses air store can lead company, hold water only 3 years of time, win 7 technologies patent early or late, broke stage by stage compress air store can the protective screen that the technology popularizes.


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