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1, NEC store can project support increases stability of SCE distribution network

NEC Energy Solutions announces to had been been south California edison company (SCE) offers first electrified wire netting store can set an example system, will use at increasing distribution network stability. SCE purchases flow in what had completed this project 2015 and announce external. The NEC ES GSS that this project uses? Electrified wire netting store can the solution uses innovation sex first " Plug and Play " politic, the land that can use any having at SCE to need is nodded, support the demonstrative application of SCE. This system includes the lithium ion battery of 3.4MWh, the AEROS of the power inverter of 3MW and NEC controls software system.

2, PUD store can project

Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) is Washington city company of the 2nd big utility (Publicly Owned Utility) , service at client of 337 thousand electric power. PUD has obtained fund of energy of Washington city cleanness the support of 7.3 million dollar, begin in place store can set an example and project of technical test and verify. In addition PUD have the aid of this store can the project still will pause with He Huacheng of Bonneville Power Administration the university is begun jointly store can the demonstrative test and verify that application is optimized and demand answers, this part also will receive fund of Washington cleanness energy the support of 1 million dollar. PUD general and 1Energy Systems collaboration are built store can systematic platform (Modular Energy Storage Architecture) , finish at was being developed in September 2016 store can optimize control system (Energy Storage Optimizer) .

Project 1: MESA1a place: Hardeson Substation; dimensions: ; of system of batteries of 1MW/0.5MWh lithium ion drops carry time on September 2, 2015, the project participates in square: 1Energy Systems(software controls) , GS YUASA and 3 water chestnut () of supplier of lithium ion batteries, parker(inverter) ;

Project 2: MESA1b, place: Hardeson Substation; dimensions: ; of system of batteries of 1MW/0.5MWh lithium ion drops carry time on November 25, 2015, the project participates in square: 1Energy Systems(software controls) , ) of supplier of batteries of ion of LG Chem(lithium, parker(inverter) ;

Project 3: MESA2, place: Everett Substation; dimensions: ; of system of 2.2MW/8MWh current batteries drops carry time 2016 autumn, the project participates in square: 1Energy Systems(software controls) , supplier of batteries of UET Energy(current) ;

3, Sweden is released door with store can allowance plan

Sweden is released in the light of door with store can allowance supports a plan, in order to props up what Swedish smooth hot season uses a level to rise (128MW) of dimensions of machine of outfit of Swedish home smooth dog days and intelligence are at present distributed the promotion of ability of electrified wire netting, drive this country to come true 2040 100% but the target that second birth the sources of energy generates electricity. This plan will be carried out at rising in November 2016, ended in December 2019. Allowance support and door of form a complete set of consumed bend over store can installation application of the system, limits included store can the component such as inverter of system of cable of the batteries in the system, wire, control, intelligence, and the charge that installs construction. Allowance upper limit is SEK 50, 000 (US$5, 600) , highest and OK 60% what hold systematic cost.

Swedish energy department to this door use store can SEK 175 Million (US$1960 of allowance budget tot 10 thousand) , amount of effective subsidy defray is inspected store the market grows and can decide. Sweden this door consumed store a consumed that the Germany before allowance policy and this carries out store allowance plan is relatively similar, according to the statistic of German economy and arrange of the sources of energy, be in German door consumed store below the support of allowance policy, at present Chu An of German door consumed installs a quantity to had exceeded 19000.

4, frequency modulation of 20MW/10MWh of market of PJM of Leclanch é United States store can project

Swiss Green Electricity Management Group invests first in American PJM market store can project. SGEM is store can systematic independence is had and operation business, reached strategic collaboration with Leclanch é in August 2016, class of first Utility of development United States store can project.

Marengo frequency modulation store can power station project is offerred by Leclanch é EPC and store can the system supplies a service, undertake develop and offerring solution of the sources of energy by GlidePath Power. Project scope 20MW/10MWh, project place is located in near Chicago, will receive ComEd electrified wire netting, the real time frequency modulation that shares PJM market serves, it is the United States is the biggest, commercialize completely store can one of projects.

SGEM will use investment to impose operation pattern (Build-own-operate) develops the United States store can project, in this project, SGEM will provide equipment assets, financial management, undertake the project moves superintend, reduce project risk. SGEM plans 2017 store can project scope achieves 85MWh.

5, Sweden starts batteries store can systematic allowance plan

Allowance plans to provide the user of system of smooth to having hot season, buying batteries store can will enjoy when the system most Ke Lang of 50 thousand Sweden (about 38 thousand RMB) allowance. According to Swedish light volt installs the speculation of business Svensk Solenergi, had this allowance, can touch buckle store can 60% of systematic cost.

Be aimed at allowance plan, swedish government plan allocated funds 2016 Ke Lang of 25 million Sweden, 2017-2019 year, annual Ke Lang of 50 million Sweden. Drive element: Sweden plans to realized machine of electric power outfit not to contain the target of fossil fuel 2040, the government also raised to have pair of finance support that buy system of smooth hot season at the same time.

Speed of development of machine of outfit of smooth hot season is relatively other the country is relatively slow, and support as a result of governmental finance, make machine of outfit of smooth hot season got rapid development, 2015, dimensions of machine of general assembly of smooth hot season is 79.4MW, was 2014 double what install machine scale. Without doubt, allowance plans publish the development rate that will accelerate industry of smooth hot season to be in Sweden further. Current, of Sweden but progress of second birth energy is relatively slow, because but machine of outfit of second birth the sources of energy is occupied than been achieve 52% , among them 95% it is water and electricity.

6, Australian Xiang Guangfu and store can study project bankroll supports

Australian education and groom the minister announces to say to will be offerred 416.6 million bay yuan capital support, as the country of Australian research council emulative government rewards the one part in the plan. This capital to further progress " intelligent Australia " for it is crucial.

Aiding financially an object basically is a few foundations and applied research project, include smooth hot season, store can wait for relevant technology inside:

652 thousand bay yuan, (Lie) of dragon hillock university, develop technology of high-powered lithium ion batteries, this kind of technology can apply at including electric car inside; of portable electron equipment

904 thousand bay yuan, (South Australian university) , research can apply at store can domain and can apparel the; of material of electric high polymer of type monitor

652 thousand bay yuan, () of university of science and technology of branch the seat of a monarchical government, development low cost, high-powered use metallic boracic alkyl store can solution;

652 thousand bay yuan, () of university of Kun Shilan science and technology, develop a project, aim to pass electronic coupling and improvement of accept rice project smooth hot season, store can mix the design; of accept rice equipment

332 thousand bay yuan, (South Australian university) , develop; of solar battery of environmental protection polymer

310 thousand bay yuan, () of university of Kun Shilan science and technology, content uses nitrification of carbon of 2 dimension black lead at solar energy to make research; of hydrogen

315 thousand bay yuan, (Xin Nawei) of Er person university, the method of zincous oxidation and material can electroanalysis with Yu Taiyang the research; of water

300 thousand bay yuan, (Xin Nawei) of Er person university, the mine of oxidation calcic titanium that develops accept rice not to have lead is used at the relevant application; of solar energy

7, how does Canada save 12MW project to obtain tripartite financing generally

Beautiful - add store can the is located in Canada 12MW of Convergent Energy And Power of project development business store can the project won support of tripartite capital, electric power will be offerred to serve for Canada after project building. Switzerland invests advisory company SUSI Partners, through Chu Nengji of the SUSI below the banner CJF of gold and capital investment group invested the lithium cable project of 5MW flywheel project and 7MW. This store can the project will be offerred include frequency adjustment and voltage to answer electric power service control quickly. How does this project save churchyard generally in Canada, and be awarded to bring operator of system of power of rude province independence (the right of IESO) .

Before SUSI funds this project, the frequency modulation that Swiss company SGEM announces to its will invest a 20MW/10MWh that is located in the United States store can project. SUSI created the fund of 278 million dollar, use at cooperating in economy to develop constituent nation (OECD) investment small network, auxiliary service mixes laden adjustment to wait for a project. Company of Convergent Energy And Power is in what build or plan construction store can project 55MW/200MWh.

8, company of E.ON North America begins to build first store can project

First when E.ON opens firm of the cent that build north store can project. The light that the name is Iron Horse store the project includes 10MW lithium battery store can mix 2MW smooth hot season, this project is located in Arizona city inside the area of garden of university of Arizona science and technology of graph dark city, will be in finishing first half of the year 2017. E.ON and Tucson Electric Power (TEP) of local power company signed agreement of 10 years, this project will offer voltage control and frequency to answer for national electrified wire netting wait for a service, generate electricity in order to balance smooth hot season the influence to electrified wire netting. Batteries store can the stability that answers ability to also can guarantee a system quickly and efficiency.

Iron Horse project is one of E.ON and the project that TEP cooperates only, other the item of Tech Park smooth hot season that still includes 6.6MW, the Walunxiyaguang of 13.2MW volt project, both sides still is in the United States the 17.2MW light of base of fort of card of army China Hunan has cooperated on volt project.

9, area of Beijing ferry Tang De first electric power trades directly clinch a deal

On October 31, beijing electric power trades the center releases area of Beijing ferry Tang De formally first electric power trades directly result, clinch a deal n 6.1 billion kilowatt hour. Beijing electric power trades central organization began this second Beijing electric power of area of ferry the Tang Dynasty trades directly, the user of power of 119 home appliance that accords with admittance condition and area of Beijing ferry Tang De generate electricity 36 times the enterprise is passed bilateral those who talk things over commercialize means, in trade platform does business independently. Each market main body is participated in actively eagerly, after nucleus of classics security officer, amount to geminate edge finally to trade 295, trade n 6.1 billion kilowatt hour, managing power user buys electric cost to make an appointment with 430 million yuan.

10, northeast electric power assists service market special reform is pilot obtain batch

On October 28, 2016, bureau of national energy resources is released " serve the market about agreeing to begin northeast area electric power to assist the reply with special pilot reform " , agree to begin northeast electric power to assist service market special reform is pilot the job.

" reply " be aimed at what superintendency bureau of northeast the sources of energy appears in the newspaper before this " northeast area electric power assists service market special reform is pilot plan " put forward, auxiliary service market should reflect electric power " compensate according to actual to the system contribution " principle, exploration establishs the mechanism that bears auxiliary service cost by power user.

11, analysis of situation of supply and demand of power of whole nation of before 2016 3 quarters forecasts a report

Whole society of whole nation of before 3 quarters uses n 4.39 trillion kilowatt hour, grow 4.5% compared to the same period, add fast increase 3.7 percent compared to the same period, among them 3 quarters grow 7.8% compared to the same period. Tertiary industy grows 11.5% compared to the same period with n, keep taller continuously add fast, what course of study consumes serve to pull a movement to use outstanding; in showing our country economy to grow life of urban and rural dweller grows 11.6% compared to the same period with n, among them 3 quarters grow 18.4% , achieve 10 years to come the quarter is added fast new tall, advocate if suffer since 1961,secondary industry of; of influence of highest warm weather grows 2.0% compared to the same period with n, add fast increase 2.9 percent compared to the same period.

12, home store can the enterprise is dynamic

1. Qinghai produces go into operation of project of material of 20 thousand tons of 10HWH lithium battery, power cell than Yadinian

On October 29, qinghai produces item of battery of 10HWH motivation lithium than Yadinian, produce per year material of cell of 20 thousand tons of power production and reclaim the project is in respectively Xining (national level) economic technology development garden of Na Chuan industry and Hai Donglin are empty go into operation of district of economic integration garden.

Energy resources of 2. grace power and cooperation of Thailand company strategy are subsequent batteries Chu Nengxin tastes ion of cloth water system

On November 1, limited company of science and technology of grace power energy resources and autograph of collaboration of strategy of company of Thailand Enserv Power Co make an appointment with ceremony and Chu Nengxin of batteries of water system ion to taste a news briefing to hold, grace power is new released caboodle of batteries of ion of ES48-70 water system, and the module of batteries of ion of EM48-840 water system that piles composition by batteries and batteries of ion of water system of million made of baked clay class wear a system.

Limited company of science and technology of grace power energy resources is a China and foreign countries that held water 2012 joint-stock high-tech enterprise. The company is dedicated at new-style store can research and development of technology, product and manufacturing;ENSERV company held water 2003, it is the business of operation of electric power of new energy resources that a headquarters is located in Thailand Bangkok. Company base oneself upon reachs southeast Asia area at Thailand, basically be engaged in but field of second birth energy, through " one-stop working system " offer the strategy to plan to seek advice, the sources of energy of analysis, design, building and maintenance serves integratedly.

Will both sides finish cooperative initial stage to prepare working: through 3 measure? ê of fan of Shi Jiong Ang displays ⒑ of Pi of  of ┕ of Da ⒃ straightforward advice make batteries product is in ion of water system of power of  ? grace the demonstrative promotion application of southeast Asia, include batteries to produce sale area accredit, ; of demonstrative project of electrified wire netting of Chu Nengwei of smooth hot season of near future 3MW is begun for platform with joint-stock company all-around collaboration, include henceforth of 3 years of 500MWh store can apply a project to wait.

3. emperor in relief power source wins the bid county of Ni Ma of China report Tibet but project of local area network of second birth the sources of energy

Recently, charcoal of lead of FCP of holy in relief power source store can the system wins the bid successfully world height above sea level the light with highest, the largest scale store bavin (oily) small network power station -- county of Ni Ma of China report Tibet but project of local area network of second birth the sources of energy, this project by China branch of Tibet of company of China cable group is built, inc. of electric Nanjing automation designs the country and always contract. Integral project by light store bavin (oily) power station and composition of network of distribution of the city zone, include system of power station of 22MW Guang Fufa, 12MW store can group of batteries of charcoal of lead of group of batteries of ion of lithium of power source two-way inverter, 12MWh, 36MWh and dynamo of 2 1500kW derv. Batteries of FCP lead charcoal is emperor the plumbic charcoal technology that electropositive source introduces international of company limited of batteries of Japanese ancient river to precede, the energy that home produces advanced store can batteries, its 70%DOD cycling life can amount to above 4200 times, can satisfy a project to rely on a gender to macrobian life, Gao Ke store can systematic demand.

Science and technology of 4. southern Asia battery of the 90 million lithium that make the same score rice is diaphragmatic try produce

On November 4, southern Asia science and technology expresses, battery of the 90 million lithium that make the same score rice is diaphragmatic and current be in try produce condition.

13Younicos, xcel Energy, begin light with collaboration of North America Panasonic Corp store system

Store can company Younicos and strategic partner Panasonic signed an agreement, in the Pe of Denver city? A Station NEXT is designed and build light store system. In the Pe of Denver city? There is the operation center of Panasonic in A Station NEXT. This system will use the Y.Cubes of a variety of Younicos, of this innovation " Storage-in-a-box " plan, basically use at application of industry and commerce.

This system will use 4 Y.Cubes, capacity altogether is 1MW, be linked together the electrified wire netting with Xcel Energy, offer frequency modulation, through climbing slope control offers smooth hot season and net, electrified wire netting cuts a peak, passive the sources of energy covers interest, and reserve power source, the Y.Q intelligence the sources of energy of Younicos controls software to undertake controlling to the system. The much mode serviceability of this system can drive Panasonic, xcel Energy and other small electrified wire netting are relevant interest square the 1.6MW light from Xcel Energy acquires the largest interest in volt system.

Y Cube includes two shares, one is PCS, module of batteries of a dc. Control system is built-in in PCS, correspond directly with batteries system, avoided the demand of the communication interface to additional batteries and PCS. Of this system optimized configuration to rise to answer time quickly, the efficiency that improved PCS is mixed and net ability.

About Younicos

Younicos is an intelligence store can mix provider of solution of electrified wire netting, had installed 25 in the whole world at present store can project, make an appointment with 100MW. Change company and founded Yu Deguo Berlin 2005, in American heart city and Austin and Berlin in all employ more than 125 store can expert.

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