Collaboration of near future of international Energy Storage Companies is dynamic - store can capital market - China store can net

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1, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) cooperate with Opus One Solutions

Both collaboration is offerred for common cause firm store can manage a solution with electrified wire netting. The visibility of electrified wire netting that aims to offer Gao Shuiping, control and optimize plan. Both sides incorporates respective software platform, will bilateral advantage expands, AMS is in charge of what develop and manage industry and commerce gathering with large-scale individual user model distributed energy natural resources, opus One is in charge of superintending the sources of energy of electrified wire netting to manage a solution, include electrified wire netting and small network monitor, control and optimize.

2014, AMS and south California edison company signs a contract, in the industry and commerce of Xi Luosha Ji Louyu installs 50MW store can.

2015, AMS choice tesla is its are communal of career level store can the project offers batteries, the plan is in south capacity of batteries of California installation 500MWh.

2, Sonnen and Enbala Power Networks cooperate

Enbala offers distributed the sources of energy to gather for Sonnen with control platform. Aim to provide a service for common cause firm, make its can be used store what can balance electrified wire netting is distributed but second birth the sources of energy and tradition generate electricity resource. Common cause firm can share energy market, have greater energy resources to counterpoise independently, mix for fictitious power plant dog the plan gives the application such as force, voltage management, frequency modulation to create an opportunity.

Store can the competition of the market is increasingly intense, a few store can the manufacturer begins to seek software company cooperation, in order to enhance oneself of batteries technology connect gender and a value. Sonnen itself is in Germany door hold a dominant position with the market, the intelligent platform of Enbala received common cause firm, system to run business and user, make power system more flexible and reliable. Enbala also hopes have the aid of and store can the collaboration of the manufacturer, enhance its the echo of distributed software platform, promote its to collect data to analyse user electric energy to use the capacity of the circumstance.

3, Biyadi and Enel Green Power cooperate

Bilateral collaboration basically pays close attention to dynamoelectric traffic domain, include dynamoelectric bus, charge the solution such as establishment, and door with, of domain of industry and commerce store can apply. All collaboration project all uses cell of lithium of phosphoric acid iron.

4, Hawaiian Electric (HECO) cooperate with Stem

In the plan of Smart Power For School of HECO dominant, stem will install the sources of energy to monitor equipment and administrative software for 250 public schools. Stem offers software to serve only for common cause firm and client first, do not involve store can system and software of distributed energy management. The project will be finished at next month.

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