Burgeoning Energy Storage CompaniesAquion Energy finishs financing of 30 million dollar - international is dynamic - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 15:28 energy storage companies

   China store can net dispatch: Large-scale burgeoning store can Aquion Energy of technical innovation enterprise announces to finish financing of 30 million dollar external now. Foundation Capital is gotten cast, kleiner Perkins Caufield&Byers and Advanced Technology Ventures, TriplePoint Capital follows cast.

   The whole world store can the market is expanding quickly, predict to will attain the market scale of 20 billion dollar 2021. Of Aquion Energy distinctive store can the technology originates Kaneijimeilong university (the United States very reputable an university, it has the world's top-ranking university and graduate student course, the field runs in information science and technology, commerce and public policy more enjoy high reputation) academic research, what this technology chooses to exist generally is available sodium material is a foundation, with existing store can technical photograph has larger dominant position than be on cost, wait for a technology in cycling life, safe stability at the same time good performance is had on index. Can satisfy mix in a small way large-scale store can apply.

   Aquion Energy plans this year autumn is finished its first store can of the system check external, expect to seek right partner.


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