Tesla rolls out electric power formally retail plan Powerwallenergy Storage System becomes a key - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:02 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: Now, tesla is rolled out formally " Tesla Electric " electric power is retail plan. This plan basically is Powerwall design, can help Powerwall store can systematic user will be redundant electric power (include Guang Fufa report and store can) sell area electrified wire netting.

Current, this plan faces Dekesasi only the city is specific suffer solicit a client.

Government-owned net shows, tesla Electric can dog in real time price of the sources of energy, sell the surplus electric power of the user electrified wire netting in costly phase, and Powerwall also is met " automatic decision " when to charge, when to make work to electrified wire netting report.

Additional, store electric power when the user when entering Powerwall, can obtain pass on gold. Pass on Jin Ke to be in sheet of next first phase charge of electricity are folded touch, the government beforehand appraise, relatively at getting the charge of electricity with grass-roots city, terminally can save next near 50% charge of electricity.

Be worth what carry is, be in on December 13, the report says tesla already was in so that the city begins to build permissibly " the market design of limits of entire administrative division is pilot " fictitious power plant (VPP) , can receive the electric power of Powerwall client the electrified wire netting that get a state.

Before this, tesla already built fictitious power plant in American California, Australia, Japan, face Powerwall user likewise. In period of time of electric power have more than needed, guang Fufa electric energy stores in Powerwall; Period of time of electric power trough, criterion from Powerwall to power supply of electrified wire netting.

Among them, be in California area, tesla already lighted gas and power company with Pacific Ocean (PG&E) collaboration develops project of fictitious power plant, powerwall user can be registered join. Tesla will send an announcement to these users, inform urgent answer required time paragraph, user but according to oneself circumstance, whether does the choice attend. Powerwall user every carry electric power of 1 kilowatt hour to electrified wire netting, can win 2 dollars compensation.

At that time, in all 2342 Powerwall user is participated in attend urgent answer an activity, add up to output 16 million made of baked clay electric power, effect can compares a small-sized dynamo.

Actually, be in not before group net, powerwall can cut a peak to fill cereal, economic charge of electricity in the implementation in the family. And after comprising the Powerwall of many families fictitious power plant nowadays, tesla is able to transform individual family for small-sized power plant, while implementation cuts a peak to fill cereal, feed back public electrified wire netting.

The negotiable securities that enrol business also points out, fictitious power plant serves as one of important steps that promote electric power systematic adjustment capability, to alleviating electric power insecurity will produce main effect, market prospect is capacious. Short-term in light of, fictitious power plant can alleviate the negative charge using phone that extreme weather brings is increased abruptly, will for a long time look, will in the new-style power system that is a foundation with new energy resources each link develops main function. Domestic fictitious power plant is in development initial stage at present, after policy mechanism is perfect, market vacuum is giant.

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