Philippine considering a change and the management of droit of net Energy Storage System is regular - store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, philippine energy department and Philippine the sources of energy superintend committee (ERC) expressed a few days ago, considering a change and net store can the management of systematic droit is regular.  

At present will store can systematic classification is generate electricity establishment may block up but business of development of second birth energy is right the investment of category of this one asset, philippine need pays close attention to category of this one asset morely, move in order to ensure economy of its electrified wire netting is stabilized efficiently.   


Company of made of baked clay Ceylon the batteries in Philippine deploy store can project

According to Philippine " Manila bulletin " the story that had a few days ago, philippine the sources of energy superintends committee (Chairman ERC) Monalisa Dimalanta expresses, philippine energy department superintends an orgnaization to studying this one classification with its.

Generate electricity Philippinely the company is prohibited having this state installed capacity of electrified wire netting 30% above generate electricity establishment.  

As large generate electricity the company also is become now Philippine the first batch of large-scale batteries store can systematic investor, this is meant will span this doorsill, and and net store can this one regulation may prevent systematic droit large generate electricity company deploy batteries store can.  

Philippine the sources of energy superintends committee (Chairman ERC) Monalisa Dimalanta expresses, batteries store can systematic installed capacity will be calculated completely inside when firm market share is restricted, because Philippine energy department is its classify at present,generate electricity establishment.  

Meanwhile, " Manila bulletin " point out, philippine a lot of energy trade public figures think, need is right store can system make more proper newest definition.

This controversy and world each district are more mature store can the development phase echo of the market: Below persistent industry pressure, german superintendency orgnaization just was adopted last year store can system and generate electricity the superintendency definition with absolute establishment.  

England also was opposite last year store can the system had a definition afresh, regard the one part that generate electricity as its, but the independent subclass that has specific regulation as.  

In these two markets, the uncertainty that lacks superintendency definition to mean investment and right store the other obstacle that can invest. Germany makes multilateral home like Europe same, store can the system is mixed by the consumer that at the same time classify is the sources of energy generator, this is meant store can assets is proprietary need is batteries store can systematic use pays fee twice (charge and discharge) .  

Philippine power company is building large-scale batteries all the time in going a few years store can asset. San Miguel company has been in the field assembly of igneous power plant of its operation 500MW above batteries store can system, be being developed at present and disposition is same quantitative batteries store can system. Aboitiz Power company announces recently, in arrange of upside of power plant of derv of barge of motivation of type of a float batteries of a 49MW store can system.

In these two case, involved company is Philippine different area is main generate electricity assets is proprietary, this means Philippine energy department and Philippine the sources of energy to superintend committee (the change of ERC) regulation may affect them to did not plan.

DNV company store when the presiding and advisory George Garabandic of business side is accepting industry media to interview, can express, philippine large power company is competing each other, generate electricity in order to rise operation efficiency of combination, this promoted Philippine cell store can the market grows ahead.  

For example, global batteries store company of company of development business Fluence, can made of baked clay Ceylon and ABB company had been San Miguel company and Aboitiz Power company to offer batteries store can system. These batteries store can the system is used to provide auxiliary service, in order to balance operation of electrified wire netting, like the interest relative of world each district, they discover, use batteries store can the system can achieve this one goal more quickly, more cleanly.

Garabandic says, "These are large generate electricity the company competes each other, they know deploy batteries store can the system is to develop the way with auxiliary service more efficient business. They are dedicated to having with the energy technology with the most efficient operation, provide better service, who to include to be able to install more batteries store can system.  

They increase cell in their investment combination now store can system, batteries store can the system regards a kind of potential method as, in order to improve cost of their income, defray, operation and performance, final extensive patulous assets is combined. Final extensive patulous assets is combined..  

Philippine first and net light store project go up at the beginning of 2022 line operation

Besides, because Philippine target is to 2035 but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity portion takes this country 35% of structure of the sources of energy, achieve to 2040 50% , came 2020 the greenhouse gas of 75% decreases to discharge during 2030, because this serves as but second birth the sources of energy prompts a factor store can systematic deploy quantity will continue grow.  

Up to by 2020, this country but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity portion is achieved only 20% , include among them near 4GW waterpower establishment, generate electricity under 2GW terrestrial heat slightly establishment, make an appointment with 1GW solar energy to generate electricity establishment, and a few wind-force generates electricity establishment and other energy resources. The sources of energy of the others comes from natural gas and coal, philippine the coal fired power plant with at present new construction of already affirmatory time-out.  

Philippine first large solar energy + store can the project is in the beginning of the year opens operation this year, this is the deploy of a subsidiary of Philippine Ayala group, this project includes solar energy of a 120MW to generate electricity establishment and batteries of a 40MW/60MWh store can system.  

Philippine infrastructure builds company of group Prime Infra to expressed in June this year, this company plan builds a solar energy in India + store can project, this project will become the solar energy with the largest scale on the world after build + store can one of projects, predict to opened operation 2027 to 2026 ~ . The solar energy of this project generates electricity the installed capacity of establishment is 2.5GW~3.5GW, batteries store can Chu Nengrong quantity of the system is 4GWh ~ 4.5GWh.  

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