He Mai share is cast 1.45 billion yuan build Energy Storage System project of compositive intelligence production base - appear on the market the company is dynamic - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:05 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: On December 5 evening, hangzhou standing grain strides Inc. of electric power electron (688032.SH) announcement says, plan fixed assets invests a RMB 1.45 billion yuan, investment is built store can compositive intelligence makes the system base project. Protocol of project construction location is lotus of beautiful water city area, with the ground 100 mus, plan 2023 start working is built.

As we have learned, "Smooth hot season + store can " the fundamental strength that is transition of global cleanness the sources of energy, for each country implementation climate target is offerred prop up effectively. Among them, store can be the indispensable link in transition of global the sources of energy, store can be in with but the fixed position in the new-style power system that second birth the sources of energy gives priority to body basically is to use its fast power adjusts function and store the character of energy, before the watch, the side after the watch assumes different role, promote new-style electric power systematic flexibility, economy and security then.

Invest to this, standing grain strides share to express, it is to be based on a company to have store can business and smooth hot season + store can the need that business grows in coordination, those who be based on current trade policy, industry to develop place of demand of foreground, market to make is careful and decision-making, accord with a company " become partner of the world's top-ranking wisdom the sources of energy " development strategy, be helpful for perfecting a company store can industrial position, promote a company competition ability further.

In the meantime, source of this project financing is the own reserves of the company or collect capital, it is to be in assure a company advocate the investment that makes below the premise that business Wu develops normally is decision-making, short-term inside to the company production is managed won't produce materiality effect, won't create capital pressure to having business to begin.

The data shows, standing grain strides share advocate the research and development that business Wu is inverter of smooth hot season to wait for power shift device and electric whole set of equipment and relevant product, make with the sale.

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