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China store can net dispatch: "Double carbon " below setting, store can a place with a draught of the market on industrial station.

As the whole world store can market demand erupts, new old player spread out quickly in industrial chain link new round of layout. As store can the middle reaches link of industrial catenary, the system is compositive on business bear equipment provider, receive below store can systematic owner, had become store can the contends for surely ground of the industry.

Inside the industry the personage looks, be in currently store can the industry grows bonus period, the system is compositive new old player has business opportunity, but in systematic economy and security joint pursuit falls also test is worn the professional competition ability of the enterprise. Recently, country of market of TrendForce of market research organization seeks advice accepting " China runs a newspaper " when the reporter interviews, express: "The competition with compositive main business depends on the system client natural resources and project resource. "

Demand is exuberant

Since 2022, suffer Wu Kelan condition to affect, price of European the sources of energy is climbed continuously litre, bring about dweller electrovalency to rise at full speed. This also promoted store can economy, make door with store can demand increase sharply. High speed of overlay America market grows, make abroad store can bearing of market Gao Jing is shown.

Inside course of study be opposite generally Euramerican store can the development latent capacity of the market expresses hopeful. Sunshine power source (300274.SZ) mention in survey activity, next year European door is used store can the market will have 100% above add fast, american hopeful estimation will present 100% ~ the growth of 150% .

In home, the acceleration of new-style power system compose is built, chu Nengli good policy is ceaseless be born, but second birth the sources of energy matchs store demand increases, also be store can install machine growth to offer strong prop up.

Before 2022 3 quarters, china is added newly join movement new-style store can 933.8MW/1911.0MWh of dimensions of project outfit machine, power dimensions promotes compared to the same period 113% , add a program newly, in build new-style store can project scope 73.3GW/177.0GWh. Although install machine dimensions and market actually to anticipate,not agree with, but most period of put into production centers a purpose in four quarters, especially the end of the year, install machine dimensions to be able to have at the appointed time promote considerably.

Resonance of demand of domestic and international market, store can the market flourishs one piece picture. Wind data shows, store can the index rebounds from April 27 up to now (on November 30) , already rose by 3464.89 bits to 5351.22 bits, litre of perch that comes 6614.52 a little bit is climbed for a time among.

Store can industrial catenary basically includes provider of equipment of upriver raw material, middle reaches and system compositive business and downstream terminal user 3 link. Store can power station system, general by the system is compositive group of business general batteries, store can converter (PCS) , batteries management system (BMS) , energy management system (EMS) , the combination such as heat management and other equipment, resale swims at falling client.

Besides PCS and battery manufacturer, store can the system is compositive business is unusually brisk.

"2022 the whole world store can the market continues the high speed 2021 rises situation, the staple market such as Euramerican, China blossoms at many o'clock, pull move store can the system is compositive order dimensions rises quickly compared to the same period. " academy of senior engineer industry (GGII) express, order of compositive business company grows domestic head system compared to the same period 1 ~ 10 times, order produces platoon period to had arrived 2023 Q1.

Nevertheless, it is the whole world at the same time store can demand increases, store can compositive business produces the system order is exuberant, across rises in price to affecting a system however as a result of batteries raw material the profit space of compositive business.

Since 2021, price of lithium of raw material carbonic acid is climbed continuously litre, go up nearly 10 times, store can the system rises in price extent is amounted to 30% . The day closes store can president king expresses greatly, the abidance of price of upriver raw material goes tall, make downstream store can industrial cost is farther bear pressure, store can initiative investment adds the item accordingly, yield drops, a lot of projects do not have commercial feasibility, bring about a lot of more current already of invite public bidding store can the project defers carry out. Predict, 2023 second half of the year store can systematic cost just may be entered drop passageway.

Some store can the system is compositive Li Ming of business market personage (alias) tell a reporter, this year store can market demand is driven, although suffer upriver material to rise in price, include a system compositive business inside store can medium upriver enterprise is behaved pretty good, order is full, also appeared of course the awkward phenomenon that wool interest rate drops.

Li Ming still says, in light of whole, there always is the company that particular market public praise and technology accumulate inside the industry, should have market extra dividend this year. Because at present store can the industry still is in bonus period, technical doorsill and market barrier still are in. compositive to the system business, by PCS manufacturer outspread and the company profit that come is basic be in 15% the left and right sides, also the enterprise wants to strive for high grade client with low, gain is some smaller. Under photograph comparing, by batteries domain outspread and the enterprise that come can have cost advantage more, profit is higher.

Competitive aggravate

Store can circuit is fervent, enter bureau person numerous, the system is compositive the competition between business is more intense also.

"Store manufacturer of manufacturer of bend over of light produced by electricity of business of battery business, PCS enterprise, department of electrified wire netting, wind, can electric equipment emerge to the system compositive domain. " Li Ming tells a reporter, the company that in every case has particular market and technology to accumulate hopes to hold store can blast tuyere, open new growth curve, appear on the market especially company.

At present store can the system is compositive domain, much mode coexists, commonly entire industry catenary is produced oneself, professional and compositive with equipment business transition compositive business 3 kinds of mode. The first kind, batteries, PCS store can equipment all is produced by oneself, make a system thereby compositive; The 2nd kind, professional and compositive, facility is entire outside using, buy; The 3rd kind, equipment business is a foundation with enterprise oneself product, to the system by single equipment supplier compositive business is transformed.

According to CNESA data, home market, china store can compositive business is in the system 2021 year store can in rank of systematic shipment volume, hai Bosai is achieved, electrical engineering times, division China is counted can, sunshine power source, Xin Yuanzhi store before shipment volume is resided; Overseas market, china store can compositive business is in the system 2021 year store can in rank of systematic shipment volume, before the sources of energy of rich of sunshine power source, Biyadi, Wo Taineng source, Keshida, library and Na Ruiji protect shipment volume to reside.

TrendForce market country seeks advice to analyse to the reporter: " compositive to the system business, main competition depends on client natural resources and project resource. "

TrendForce market country seeks advice express, at present home generates electricity side store can demand basically comes from match at enforcing store, electric power group develops the total contractor of the project as new energy resources, also be the main source of project of invite public bidding. Accordingly, power source of peaceful heart times, sunshine, China cooperate to wait to reach the strategy with electric power group, local government in succession, go up to be striven for in the project obtain more to send an advantage first. And Biyadi, Haibosai is achieved, division land electron be in the side of electrified wire netting, side that use phone is having more position. In already built a project to go up, sunshine power source, Haibosai is achieved wait for bibcock to already had GWh above project to build experience, send an advantage first apparent.

Nevertheless, at present store can the concentration of compositive business spends the system not tall, annual rank also has change. Analysis of letter negotiable securities says in: "Store can compositive system is in competitive initial stage, poor dissimilation is shown at the beginning of competitive pattern. At present store can change of rank of systematic head firm is bigger, competitive pattern is in evolve into heavy model period, predicting technology banner, client is resourceful, supply the company town with catenary conformity strong capability to occupy rate hopeful to rise further. "

China negotiable securities grinds on the west the newspaper thinks, store can the system is compositive control of the compositive efficiency that values compositive business, cost and the understanding to component and downstream application, optimize in the system, canal of efficiency management, cost accuses and the supplier hopeful that applies experience to have competitive advantage is in store can market dimensions expands in be benefited.

"Store can compositive test wears the system compositive business manages the integrated technology such as the technology to technology of electric power electron, electrochemistry technology, heat ability and to electric power of new energy resources, store can systematic understanding. In different application setting, compositive business still needs to assume risk responsibility, without the risk accusing force is done very hard continuously, and the company ability that this needs to have actual strength more has been done. " store can industry public figure expresses to the reporter.

Compete to increasing the market of drama increasingly, industry also expresses concern. Li Ming tells a reporter, raw material value is short-term inside implementation drops quickly existence is difficult, this immediate also impact store can the investment budget of power station owner. Here the circumstance falls, if a few not professional systems are compositive,business low grabs the market, course of study of easy to give way is immersed in low to compete, cause bad money to drive out fine money, hard to avoid browbeats systematic quality.

"Double carbon " hot wave is moved, store can the two big joint pursuit of economy and security are being driven store can the enterprise is optimized through the system and the technology upgrades will reduce store can systematic cost, make sure safety can accuse at the same time, and this also makes a system the competitive dot of compositive business.

Be worth what carry is, those who be in battery business drive below, compositive business moved toward the system times of core of 280Ah big report, reduce a system further compositive cost. Since 2021, lithium of peaceful heart times, 100 million abb can, roc brightness the enterprise such as the sources of energy eagerly layout 280Ah store can electric core product, lifted enlarge one round to produce tide.

Meanwhile, store can hair of frequency of accident of power station safety rose store can compositive business adjusts the system store can the attention of systematic safety. Heat management is to assure store can the system lasts the key that safety runs, at present home store can line of systematic hot government uses wind cold means basically, at the same time liquid cooling technology also is become store can a way that the system develops. Power source of peaceful heart times, Biyadi, sunshine, day closes store can, division China is counted can wait to roll out those who be based on liquid cooling technology in succession store can product, apply at gradually store can in the project.

Li Ming expresses, at present the industry falls this demand is forcing industry technology innovates, urge electric core measure large change development, compositive business will be in the system that has battery business fall natural and active advantage is had on this problem. In the meantime, store after reason of what one is particularly good at happens, the system is compositive now business hopes to fall the risk to lowest. Accordingly, medicinal powder heat energy force is powerful, can improve the liquid cooling technology of batteries consistency level considerably, also make the trend of a development that promotes a system security.

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