1.503 yuan / Wh! Can build in store can company of science and technology wins the bid 60MW/120MWhenergy Storage System purchases an item - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:07 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: Recently, the beach austral pleasant city 60MW/120MWh of electric project of Guang Fufa of 300 thousand kilowatt store can systematic equipment is purchased win the bid to be released external as a result. Can build in store can science and technology (Guangxi) limited company wins the bid one hundred and eighty million three hundred and ninety thousand yuan with total quoted price, amount to is monovalent 1.503 yuan / Wh. This purpose purchases factitious China to be able to build group equipment limited company to develop a branch.

From this, can build in joined China can, report of national energy group, state is cast, south a group of people of same interest of the center look forward to such as the net, came true to be opposite store can the system is compositive the layout of business, begin to in-house subsidiary is produced and provide a group by the group store can the facility that project development needs. In concerning, can build store can business distribution, detailed sees: Can build in store can: This year invite public bidding already exceeded 3.4GWh, each district layout exceeds 4.9GWh.

According to announcement of invite public bidding, the limits of invite public bidding of this project is:

Include store can systematic place requires complete set equipment for goods (batteries system (embody batteries management system) , energy management system (EMS) , step up changes shed system, distribution system, supervisory system, station to wait for the) such as equipment and relevant power cable and communication wire cable with report.

It is reported, the beach austral pleasant city base of Guang Fufa phone of 1 billion made of baked clay form EPC of project of smooth hot season of 300 thousand kilowatt always contracts project already in November 2021 invite public bidding. Limited company of designing institute of electric power of the Gansu Province of group of construction of Chinese the sources of energy wins the bid 1.351 billion yuan with total quoted price.

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