In store first container of company of science and technology product of type Energy Storage System gets offline and offer money - store can equipment unit - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:07 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: On November 17, in can equiping in store of own research and development of company of science and technology first 45 feet " wind cold container store can systematic product " get offline formally and complete shipment, the mark is worn this company produces a line to throw ability of operation, consign formally formal be born, lead store can industry innovation develops.

Can build as China " a center, two main point " of be born important bear the weight of, since hold water, in store company of science and technology sends force to tackle key problem continuously " card neck " technical difficult problem, by right of " good actual strength " bite off " hard bone " , own research and development gives first wind cold container store can systematic product, with new as ecbolic new atmosphere, at changing new bureau leaves in the bureau, ground of look up sex undertakes before " 1+1+6+N " strategic layout, aim at area of key domain, key, priority discipline, be in quickly store can position of domain race to control.

Wind cold container that get offline store can the system uses Tie Li of phosphoric acid of industry head enterprise core of the 280 report when installing, from modular group, plug box, phone bunch, system is compositive and whole adopt own design plan, have the low cost, high security, efficient, character such as macrobian life. Box is inserted to use CTP to devise plan in this product, the photograph is otherer and traditional modular battery design, great simplify structure, raise dimensional utilization rate; Installation craft simplifies in the meantime, managing production cost. To prevent to heat up out of control, batteries inserted bunch of box, batteries, container to all do corresponding air channel design to pass the working operating mode with emulation technology corresponding imitate, can control difference in temperature and temperature rise effectively; Use real time monitoring of high accuracy BMS the voltage of every report core and temperature can feedback in time a systematic interior is unusual, enhance systematic security.

First product gets offline supplying each link such as catenary, production and quality to face enormous pressure, from research and development design, equipment is debugged, bunch of the production that insert box, report assembles a system compositive, each link is the race of field and one time. Win this battle to hit, the group such as this company research and development, production, quality overcomes the adverse effect such as epidemic situation, stand fast post, day and night fights bravely, leave no stone unturned grabs plan, riveting sufficient enthusiasm is driven forth, stare at node closely main sprint, protect protect a quantity to finish the job character.

Employee people the high-spirited stance that takes in act vigorously of the encourage in the job, formed a to write go all out in work completely line of as beautiful as what struggle scenery, vivid explanation " professional, respect course of study, cooperation, try to be the first " employee figure, in was being revealed store the development that company of science and technology devotes into domain of technology of Yu Xinneng source actively and construction, set an example lead store can the actual strength of the market and determination.

In store company of science and technology will get offline to be new start for goods with this product, brave carries a mission, grab seize opportunity, country of travel of active carry out " double carbon " target, carry out deep fulfil China to be able to be built " a certain number of opinions " and " 1466 " the strategy, strengthen further with store can the industry precedes the company cooperates, begin store can technology of business domain core tackles key problem and industrialization layout, make production dominant position continuously, help strength store can industrial high quality develops, be dedicated to making become China and even world's top-ranking power source technology and equipment supplier, for the country " double carbon " the achieves contribution to be able to be built at an early date power of the target.

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