The Energy Storage System - when 600MW of deploy of plan of Er person state grows Xin Nawei store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:10 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: Government of Er person state is accelerating Australian Xin Nawei deploy is new store can system, the plan is by 2025 close the coal fired power plant with this the biggest country, close this administrative division inside 10 years power plant of major coal fired.  

Government of Er person state expressed Xin Nawei a few days ago, in the 2nd invite public bidding that holds in next year the beginning of the year, when plan deploy 600MW is long store can system and 950MW but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment.

AEMO Services company announced these detail, this company is planning in the invite public bidding that coordinates by a definite date 10 years and new but of division of second birth energy found, this is Xin Nawei the one part of route chart of infrastructure of electric power of Er person state, the Xin Nawei that guidance of this route chart basically depends on coal fired to generate electricity the power system of Er person city to but second birth the sources of energy and store can systematic change.  

The activities of many in bidding the first invite public bidding that plan of government of Er person state has Xin Nawei had been started, the first round of person win the bid that bid will submit detailed quoted price in January at next year, and list of the person that win the bid will at next year the bottom was announced in March.  

AEMO Services company disclosed a few days ago, the lieutenant general of activity of the 2nd invite public bidding that 2023 the 2nd quarter holds the key is put in store can systematic invite public bidding.  

Still will be purchased in the 2nd invite public bidding and deploy makes an appointment with 950MW but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity when establishment grows with using 600MW store can system, although its are final,the number will depend on the activity of first time invite public bidding that having awards store can systematic installed capacity.  

This company shows in a statement: "When we plan to undertake one subaltern every year store can invite public bidding, but if have need, also can choose to undertake lash-up invite public bidding. And generate electricity as coal the step that establishment eliminates is accelerated, urgent need deploy store can system. Urgent need deploy store can system..  

Er person city still announces Xin Nawei to be in the batteries of Waratah Super Battery of deploy 600MW/1480MWh store can system, its are main the purpose is the client that delivers to more electric power main and laden center.  

Origin company the batteries in Eraring him deploy store can system, after the deploy that finish its dimensions can amount to 700MW/2800MWh, but the progress that wants opportunity of sue for peace as the market, this project will grading is built.

AEMO serves a company to express, about bid certainly the detail of qualificatory standard (include time) will announce at the near future, announce in the market brief report of its website.  

This company points out, this second invite public bidding is special shift to an earlier date to solve power plant of Eraring coal fired the capacity demand that institute of leave early service generates and of the design, this report is arranged between meantime and draft an autograph to make an appointment with infrastructure locally.  

This one announcement mirrorred Xin Nawei the flexibility of route chart of infrastructure of electric power of Er person state, the metabolic environment that with answering Xin Nawei energy resources of Er person state supplies, and won't be affected undertaking at present but second birth the sources of energy and when growing store can of the system first invite public bidding.

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