Energy Storage System of salt of frit of 560MW of deploy of plan of AES Andes company in order to replace coal fired power plant - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:12 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: Company of AES of American utility firm carries in South America the company of subsidiary AES Andes of business Wu disclosed a few days ago, the plan is in Chile deploy salt of frit of a 560MW store can the system replaces coal fired power plant. This company already was evaluated to influence of Chile state environment (SEIA) orgnaization website submitted relevant document.  

This name is salt of Project Alba frit store can the system will make an installed capacity is deploy of AES Andes company 560MW frit salt store can the system is in with replacing the power plant of CTA coal fired of operation of Chile north Angamos.

This store can the system will be used heat to 310 ℃ ~ establishment of salt of 560 ℃ frit, enter water next / heat exchanger releases salt the heat energy that store, generation vapour drives turbogenerator to generate electricity, the electric power that produces from this provides Chile power system.  

The environment that this company refers affects a report to say, this project will need deploy 450 million dollar invests.  

This report mentioned to heat frit salt 10 hours " circularly " process, but do not be clear that whether this means this store can systematic abidance discharges time also is 10 hours, if be, this means its Chu Nengrong the quantity is 5.6GWh.  

This store can the temperature that the system heats need 700MW electric power to need to place frit salt, these electric power receive from transformer substation of the Angamos around in the future but second birth the sources of energy.  

This company shows, this project will reduce power plant of CTA coal fired 50% carbon are discharged, conduce to decarbonization of system of Chile the sources of energy.  

AES company owns 98% above stock of AES Andes company, have the battery with global the largest scale together with Xi Menzi company store can the system is compositive most stock of business Fluence company. Fluence company is in for AES company America deploy all projects, but still do not have sortie batteries store can beyond the system domain, because this Fluence company is in,the potential role in this project still is not clear about, but can offer but second birth the sources of energy optimizes software platform.  

And the frit salt such as Malta company and SaltX company store can systematic development business has put forward know clearly to use frit salt store can solution.  

According to local media coverage, GIZ of German international Cooperation Agency and company of Xi Menzi energy are supporting this frit salt store can systematic development.  

AES Andes company is in at present Chile deploy deploy batteries of a 112MW/560MWh store can project, generate electricity for 253MW solar energy with installed capacity establishment and wind-force generate electricity deploy of establishment form a complete set. Fluence company will offer batteries for this project store can system and compositive service.

In addition, AES company signed agreement of a cooperation with Chile government during the COP26 meeting that held 2021 negotiates, investment restrains 400 million dollar. An interesting fact is, be in early 2009, AES company is in the deploy of power plant of a coal fired of Chile batteries of ion of lithium of made of baked clay dimensions of a million store can system.  

According to the report of industry media, when AES company company submits a document, chile government is being passed in the consideration encourage store can the main legislation of deploy.  

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