300MWh! Batteryenergy Storage System - of Mexico of deploy of Quartux company plan store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: Headquarters is located in Mexican city store can Alejandro Fajer of general manager of company of compositive business Quartux represented the system a few days ago, this company plans to be in Mexico deploy this country the batteries with the largest scale store can system, right Mexico store the opportunity that can face before market order and challenge undertook analyse and be discussinged.

Fajer expresses, "Our business grows quickly in recent years, be in in the consideration now future a few quarter general store the Chu Nengrong amount that can set rises 300MWh. "

Of Quartux company deploy store can system

Quartux company obtained order from company of Revolve Renewable Power recently, the plan offsprings for bank hotel of a large chain is offerred and deploy 3.2MWh batteries store can system. Fajer still expresses to will be another hotel to install batteries of a 25MWh store can system.  

He expresses, this will be the batteries with Mexican the largest scale store can system, also be the business with latin america the biggest dimensions and industry (C&I) batteries store can system.  

Fajer says, "These chain hotel seat are a holiday resort, need uses the sources of energy such as air conditioning in great quantities concentrated model product, will use electric power during demand of peak value power apparently. And these chain hotel construction are in the position that is far from electrified wire netting, so the likelihood faces the problem of difference of power supply quality and intermittence, these problems can carry battery store can the system is solved. These problems can carry battery store can the system is solved..  

Mexico is current the batteries with the largest scale store can the system is company of made of baked clay Ceylon the 10MW batteries that sent deploy of electric field form a complete set with a wind-force in Feburary 2021 store can system.  

After Mexico is bought on terminal market and selling the sources of energy to become more difficult, mexico store can the market is main of deploy is industry and commerce store can project. Fajer expresses, but this did not strangle side of electrified wire netting store can the market grows, just reduced a chance.  

And side of deploy electrified wire netting store can the consumptive curve that systematic opportunity depends on revising large power user, through preventing peak value during exalted electrovalency, can save 20% ~ the electric power cost of 40% . Batteries store can the system still can help industrial user observe standard of rigidder electrified wire netting, if inobservant these standards, the 2% ~ that will spend company net income the cost of 10% , and Fajer says for " quality of the sources of energy serves " .  

Quartux company is bought from abroad batteries and store can package, and them compositive to the batteries in Mexican deploy store can in the system. Fajer expresses, quartux company is main and active in Mexican market, involve 10 different trades, the hotel is a among them essential industry.

He says: "We are OK the curve of specific power consumption of round-the-clock monitoring client, the sources of energy that becomes them is advisory. We tell them to whether add a few solar energy to generate electricity establishment, we can generate electricity with installing solar energy for them establishment.

Our business mode is varied. Can sell these energy facilities directly and collection operation expenses. To this mode, the client is in 2 ~ can win get one's own back inside 5 years. We still offer the mode that rent but to us, the most interesting is store can serve namely, we began to use this kind of pattern 2017, save cost for the client. Save cost for the client..  

Mexico store can the other participator of the market also rolled out this kind of mode, the closest is but analysis of the sources of energy of company of FRV of business of development of second birth energy, United States and company of software provider Energy Toolbase and local the sources of energy develop business Ecopulse company.  

Like Ecopulse company, company of On Energy Storage is another competitor of Quartux company. Ecopulse expresses, this company already was in Mexico the area of 60% above begins professional work.

Fajer expresses, quartux company acquired outside investment recently, but he did not disclose investor name.  

Mexican home store can supply chain progress

According to industry media coverage, mexico may build latin america batteries of ion of the first large lithium is super factory, company of peaceful heart times announced the battery manufacturer with the biggest whole world a few days ago, searching the proper place that suits to build a plant in Mexico.  

Fajer expresses, mexican government realizes the value of the lithium reserves with this rich nation adequately, and had taken action, in order to have more lithium treatment and extraction capacity.

But although be before this, mexico already also was in stand-in, can use the United States store can the supply of the market catenary alongshore changes a dominant position, reduce the dependence to importing batteries. The United States' biggest batteries store can the system is compositive one of business Powin company assembled its product the factory to remove recently the plant of a production of Mexican north Meng Telei.  

Fajer complement says: " more production move reachs Mexico to will accord with the United States to reduce the desire that imports a product. We are in sell these store can systematic respect is in stand-in, can save a large number of carriage cost and custom duty. We are producing the enterprise of batteries to undertake negotiation in Mexico with the plan, help their optional location. "

The company of the energy that cross a state that company of Revolve Renewable Energy appears on the market from this England recently bought company of Centrica Business Systems in the hand.

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