Produce per year 15GWhenergy Storage System! In project of industry of new energy of electric nation nucleus is in Zhejiang always Kang Kaijian - store can equipment unit - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:12 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: On October 20 afternoon, major project centers Zhejiang gold Hua Yongkang start working ceremony in stone column plot of garden of industry of new and high science and technology is held. 24 projects of the start working in Benciji involve the field such as line of business of manufacturing industry, service and infrastructure, among them, in total investment of project of industry of new energy of electric nation nucleus amounts to 10 billion yuan.

It is reported,

This project plans to use the land 600 mus, cent period is carried out. First phase invests 4 billion yuan, the program uses the land 200 mus, the cell of electrolyte of water system of means construction 4GWh that uses custom-built workshop generation to build and 6GWh store can systematic industrialization project; 2 period invest 6 billion yuan, the program uses the land 400 mus, use the way that offers the ground directly to build batteries of electrolyte of 6GWh water system and 9GWh store can systematic industrialization project. 2030, two period the project predicts to be able to come true produce per year batteries of electrolyte of 10GWh water system to reach produce per year 15GWh store can systematic scale of production.

The data shows, the nucleus invests the country limited company is group of investment of national electric power specialization investment management company, held water in May 2014, partner includes a country report casts group estate fund to manage industry of confluence of the army and the people of limited company, country China to develop fund (limited partnership) , an ancient name for China is long win asset to manage finite liability company, Bao Yinjin to invest a group to wait.

As we have learned, the nucleus invests the country dedicated the investment that waits for an industry at report of nuclear report, water and electricity, wind, smooth hot season, environmental protection, the industrial catenary resource of industry of force hurried new energy is integrated, the implementation that for group of investment of national electric power 945 industries plan is offerred " one-stop " finance serves support.

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