Energy Storage System of Powin lithium report obtains Intertek professional attestation, the product enters an international market - store can equipment unit - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:14 energy storage system lithium ion battery energy storage systems

China store can net dispatch: A few days ago, american Pu Wei Inc. (the following abbreviation " Powin " ) the lithium report of research and development store can the system acquires group of Intertek Tian Xiang smoothly (the following abbreviation " Intertek " ) issue letter of UL 9540A attestation, the product can enter an international market smoothly.

Does Powin obtain the product of Intertek attestation this to be Stack750? Lithium report series store can product, include modular group, system to wait, cover a variety of electric core configuration. Stack750? Is the product Powin in Centipede? The first below hardware platform modular product. The solution of the sources of energy of 1500Vdc can use 2 hours of above, use outdoor what be assembled beforehand and check beforehand is rated, modular stack, can raise energy density, hot property, faster installation time, reduce capital expenditure and maintenance, have function of 20 years to guarantee. Obtain the UL9540A letter that Intertek issues this, the mark is worn the product carried battery store can massive hot out of control of the system spreads test, the whole world is reached in fire control and security aspect the requirement of top level.

Li Yifeng of chief inspector of sale of division of north of electric Hua Dong expresses Intertek electron: In recent years, store can market investment dimensions is increased ceaselessly, industrial catenary layout is ceaseless and perfect, the whole world store can the industry already entered rapid development phase. The overall quality safeguard that Intertek precedes as the whole world serves an orgnaization, devote oneself to to be all the time store the health of the industry develops and can try hard. Intertek and Powin cooperate in recent years close, powin Stack750? Lithium report store can the system passes UL9540A attestation smoothly, it is both sides is communicated cheek by jowl again efficient assorted result. Intertek store can expert group undertook to the product all-around skill is evaluated with strict test, make clear Powin Stack750 smoothly through the test? Lithium report series store the high reliability that can produce character to measure, obtain Intertek attestation to will march smoothly for the product the international market provides strong safeguard.

Intertek store can system and converter lab have complete set major to detect equipment and much name are senior detect engineer, it is Chinese CNAS (country of Chinese eligible assess approves committee) , American A2LA (American lab sanctions guild) , American NRTL (American country approbates a lab) , NOM of INMETRO of MNRE of Australia SAA, India, Brazil, Mexico approbate a lab, service limits covers whole Asia-Pacific area, for batteries, converter / inverter and store can the product provides test of global market admittance and authentication service. Intertek Shanghai lab is had from consumption kind to industry kind all sorts of batteries and store the test attestation ability of can relevant all relative standard, include IEC62619, IEC63056, IEC62477-1, IEC62040-1, UL1973, UL2580, UL2271, UL2743, UL 9540, UL 9540A, UL1741 to wait, can be broad store can industry client offers relevant CB and ETL attestation.


Powin is safe, can expand store the global leader that the solution is designed and can make. The production that the hardware that our innovation and tall sex price compare and software are changing the sources of energy thoroughly, transmit and distribute kind, help world achieves decarbonization goal. The national consign that Powin has differred in more than 8 more than 2, of 500 MWh store can system, signed 3 years in future offer to the whole world more than 10, 000 MWh store can pipeline contract of the system.

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