0 explore intelligence is distributed be born of Energy Storage System sanded headquarters of big plum of 10 thousand divisions - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:14 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: Recently, 400kWh/200kW of 0 explore intelligence is distributed store can the system is in biosphere 3, carbon of center of big plum Sha Moke counteracts experimental garden area (the following abbreviation: "Center of big plum Sha Moke " ) first phase division starts garden project in formal be born.

Center of big plum Sha Moke by hold of group of 10 thousand families, total floor area makes an appointment with 120 thousand ㎡, it is office of a market, education, meeting is exhibited those who be an organic whole is muti_function building. The project offers carbon to counteract community by science and technology of carbon of deep Shi Ling comprehensive solution, first nearly 0 carbon of city of selected Shenzhen discharge pilot project list. Start garden project at the first phase division that go ahead of the rest enabled in October 2022 among them, by deep Shi Ling carbolic science and technology invests construction, provide action business, transform, the whole process of operation serves. This project builds fractional energy savings, high proportion through promotion but second birth the sources of energy is replaced (about 85% utilization rate, operation period realizes 100% green report to supply) , the way that low carbon of green of carry out travel runs reduces a building to run carbon to discharge considerably.

The digitlization tool such as system of the energy management system that center of big plum Sha Moke used the band side the cloud, intelligent small electrified wire netting, can come true reduce carbon to discharge, the ternary operation target that optimizes experience of user of operation performance, promotion.

The distributed the sources of energy in small network suffers outside ambient the impact is bigger, hair electric power is not stable; In the meantime, the laden presence using phone of diversiform character is constant fluctuation, store can agile n can be offerred to adjust on time scale abundant is spent, cooperate with distributed the sources of energy, bear and advocate electrified wire netting, increase the stability of small network.

Accordingly, small electrified wire netting of center of 10 thousand divisions used Dameisha Tensorpack T of 0 explore intelligence is distributed store can system, transform through be being changed to the intelligence of system of user side distribution, the change that the characteristic curve according to user side bear and Guang Fufa report exert oneself deploys 400kWh/200kW store can, according to given control is politic, implementation " distributed power source is autonomic control, flexible bear autonomy is controlled " , stability of system of safeguard small electrified wire netting moves and as far as possible the electricenergy production of total need Na Guangfu, avoid " abandon light " phenomenon, utmost raises the utilization rate of on the spot of the green report scale of small electrified wire netting and distributed the sources of energy, achieve energy demand and manufacturing supply to coordinate change and the purpose that resource optimizes configuration, reduce operation carbon to discharge cost of charge of electricity of the report that reach city directly, increase the economic profit of small network further, stimulative the sources of energy uses the high level end such as green, low carbon, zoology, wisdom reach.

Science and technology of carbon of deep Shi Ling establishs by author of group of 10 thousand families Mr Wang Shi, it is urban carbon counteracts community to serve trader integratedly. Carry comprehensive solution through offerring the end of development, construction, operation to arrive, build the green mild the sources of energy and building infrastructure, way of life that builds green health for urban community, promote the industrial appeal of urban community and life comfortable sex then, can last what realize urban community development.

0 explore intelligence is dedicated what innovate at development is distributed store can product and service, devote oneself to to be a factory / space of floor of garden area, commerce, fill the client such as center of power station, data to offer safe, efficient distributed store can system, make the user is reducing the cost that use phone while, rise but the use scale of second birth the sources of energy, can last what quicken global the sources of energy development.

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