The power demand that how saves a plan to purchase 2500MWenergy Storage System to grow in order to answer increasingly generally - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:14 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, how does Canada save a government to expressed a few days ago generally, had asked business of operation of electrified wire netting purchases 1500MW to arrive 2500MW store can system.  

This plan announced external on October 7, how to save a government to hope to ensure generally supply with reliable electric power amply, because save population growth as this, in the near future power demand predicts to will increase significantly.  

In other words, the basis brings business of operation of system of rude and absolute power (of IESO) build a model, although install rude and current power natural resources superfluous, and predict to want to just can achieve this one goal 2025 at least, but after 2025, its profit will become lower.

How is Sungrid company saving deploy generally a batteries store can project

This project will add 4GW electric power newly to supply, include to be added newly among them store can system and plan add 1.5GW natural gas newly to generate electricity establishment. Bring business of operation of system of rude and absolute power (IESO) Ceng Xiang should save a government to suggest, batteries store crucial effect can be produced in the procedure that the system is prompting deploy new natural resources.  

Canada store can guild to store can manufacturer and industry media issue statement, and how to save energy minister Todd Smith to announced this one news a few days ago generally.  

Canada store can Justin Rangooni of guild executive trustee expresses, this statement makes clear, by how to save a government to realise generally store can the system is in ensure the dependability in how saving electrified wire netting generally, flexibility and help reduce greenhouse gas to discharge a respect to must produce crucial effect.

Rangooni discusses in published a few articles theory about how releasing all sorts of topics of Canadian Chu Nengqian force, main concentration is installing rude province.  

Proposal of trade of power system operation should be purchased make an appointment with 2500MW store can system, provide flexibility for power system, store can the system is in low or demand is excess during second birth the sources of energy generates electricity, can charge, it is next during demand peak value when output electric power to electrified wire netting.

Bring business of operation of system of rude and absolute power (how IESO) visits energy department generally in the response ask and of compose " resource qualification metaphase reports " in express, major store can the system will be in line operation goes up before 2027.  

The report returns a proposal, return the low carbon the sources of energy that should purchase other form energetically, mix the sources of energy for example (will but production of second birth energy and memory union rise generate electricity establishment) or biology fuel and potential other technology.  

Bring business of operation of system of rude and absolute power (IESO) expresses, meanwhile, add natural gas electricenergy production newly to will conduce to alleviate the case that supplies catenary incur loss through delay, conduce to balance power system. This company suggests, the natural gas electricenergy production that increases for the most part should come true through upgrade or enlarging existing establishment.  

Bring business of operation of system of rude and absolute power (the vice-president Chuck Farmer with IESO) responsible program, protection and sufficient natural resources expresses, for to installing rude province, the resource that uses diversification will answer the sources of energy was in short supply 2025 the circumstance is very important. Farmer says, this includes to be able to ask to electric power is imported and increase more but project of second birth energy.  

Electrification will be promoted bring rude economy growth 

Install rude province to generate electricity through nuclear report, waterpower, natural gas at present, the generating capacity that wind-force generates electricity with solar energy is 38GW about, but demand predicts year of electric power that did not come 20 years will grow with restricting 1.7% speed every year.  

In fact, installing rude province is a growth is quite driving all the time inside period of time store can the market. However, this market is with " the whole world adjusts fee " be a center. And it is large that the whole world adjusts fee industrial report person the fee that must pay in electric power fastigium. Accordingly, its hurried uses a cell of side of active deploy user store can system, help these industrial substance reduce sheet of Zhang of charge of electricity and specific power consumption.

How to save energy minister Todd Smith to express: generally? Unplug Yi Qin  censures ù of  of  of curtain of  of pray of ostrich of wood of busy of  of  of ∥ of allow of lap of berth of  of ⑽ of  of  of  of Jin of  of deficient of sluggish of С of calamity of  of  of Fang of Chang of painful ⒛ of coil up of ⒌ of Mu of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of ㄉ Pa  embraces Piao of red of ⒌ of idle of Duo   garden, need promotes obtain employment and investment energetically. We want compose to build the power system of on the safe side. Through taking positive action, ensure electric power is uninterrupted supply. "

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