Plan of Ingrid Capacity company makes an appointment with 2GWenergy Storage System - in boreal Europe deploy store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:19 energy storage system company

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, hold water recently store can develop company of business Ingrid Capacity to building an installed capacity to be 70MW/70MWh batteries in Sweden store can system, the earliest will 2024 first half of the year consign, the scale that this is construction of plan of boreal Europe state is the largest a batteries store can system.

This company is deploy of company of utility firm E.ON this batteries in Swedish operation store can system, this store can fasten all plan to opened operation first half of the year 2024, but the time that did not give out to be cut truly.

Although this company returns the choice of the batteries that did not decide its are used or supplier, but likelihood be thinkinged uses lithium of phosphoric acid iron (LFP) batteries.

This batteries store can systematic dimensions is 70MW/70MWh, run dimensions at present than Sweden the biggest store can the system should be gotten greatly much, the 5MW/20MWh battery that includes Vattenfall company to move in Uppsala among them store can system and Primrock company are in the 5.4MW batteries of Falkenberg operation store can system.

The batteries with bigger more store can the system is in the program, the 10MW/11.9MWh battery that includes to come from Alfen company among them store can system, but batteries of Ingrid Capacity company store can the system is the dimensions that announces external the biggest batteries store can system. Deploy these store can the drive element of the project is Swedish electrified wire netting is used more and more but electric power of second birth the sources of energy, these electrified wire netting by business of operation of transmit electricity system (TSO) Svenska Kraftn? T company manages.

Electric equilibrium serves all through the ages to be able to generate electricity by the harbour of large pump water of this country establishment (PHES) is offerred, but power demand has begun to outstrip this one growth, because this arose,be opposite store can the agile capital requirement of the easier deploy such as the system.

Nicklas B of officer of chief strategy of Ingrid Capacity company? Cker expresses: "Batteries store can the system is absolutely to satisfying the requirement of electrification society crucial, because be in electrification society, the blame fossil the sources of energy such as wind energy and solar energy must hold the much of structure of the sources of energy. "

His complement says, through will but the electric power of second birth the sources of energy stores in batteries store can in the system, offer electrified wire netting during power demand peak value next, make electrified wire netting is able to stabilize move.

This batteries store can the system will offer electrified wire netting to serve evenly, if frequency is answered, the sources of energy on the market trades service and service of this locality flexibility, optimize local electrified wire netting in order to help business of distribution system operation.

Carry the electrification that waits for an industry as Swedish traffic, the power demand of this country also will increase considerably. Company of Karlshamn Energi of business of operation of local electrified wire netting shows, place did not face the problem that electric power is in short supply at present, but predict 2040 demand of peak value power will from at present 22MW grows 38 ~ 40MW.

B? Cker expresses, plan of Ingrid Capacity company makes an appointment with 2GW in boreal Europe deploy store can system. The partner of this company includes estate to develop company of business Engelbrekt Utveckling and company of investment business Springbacka.

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