Plan of company of made of baked clay Ceylon is opening 20MW/20MWhenergy Storage System - of graceful archipelago deploy store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, total position covers with tiles at manufacturer of Finnish science and technology Ceylon company showed a few days ago, the plan is British an utility company that drives graceful archipelago offers two 10MW/10MWh batteries store can system.

Company of made of baked clay Ceylon basis and Caribbean utility limited company (the project that CUC) signs, purchase and build (EPC) contract offers batteries store can system.

The Edmund Phillips(of tile Ceylon company is left) with Caribbean utility limited company (the Sacha Tibbetts of CUC) signs 20MW/20MWh batteries store can systematic contract

These two batteries store can the system will be located in big graceful island, this is a graceful archipelago is the biggest in 3 islands, also be this area the project of dimensions of the first batch of public utility. These two batteries store can the system predicts to will be in the investment in year was used 2023.

Those who cover with tiles Ceylon company will offer scope of its public utility is modular GridSolv Quantum store can system, this product will use its the sources of energy to run a system (EMS) -- platform of GEMS number the sources of energy undertakes controlling. GEMS platform manages store can the system can have a variety of functions, include short-term overload, voltage to support, Hei Qi is moved and move a peak.

Store can the system will make Caribbean utility limited company (CUC) uses existing power station better, make an appointment with conformity 29MW distributed but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment, and the stability that does not affect operation of electrified wire netting.

These two batteries store can the system will receive Hydesville, West Bay and Prospect transformer substation repeatedly, these transformer substation will offer power system to optimize a service.

So far, the power system that opens graceful archipelago generates electricity by 161MW derv establishment and 14MW solar energy generate electricity establishment composition.

Power station of district of North America of company of made of baked clay Ceylon is in charge of Jon Rodriguez to express: "The fact proves, store can the game of the numerous islands client that the technology can change us to be in Caribbean area and other area is regular, reduce energy cost at the same time, reduce greenhouse gas to discharge, increase but second birth the sources of energy is used up, raise dependability of electrified wire netting. "

Company of made of baked clay Ceylon is offerring batteries to islands power system store can solution and electrified wire netting optimize service respect to have good record. These projects include the United States to belong to the Virgin Islands, Luo Tan (Honduras) , the batteries of the Bahamas archipelago and recent Hawaiian archipelago deploy store can system.

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