Ladder of Battery of power of development of British manufacturer combination second use Energy Storage System - store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, the archetypal system that the useless old battery that England developed a kind to be used at 2 to apply in the plan that 4 manufacturer and research organization fund in a government checks and classifies.

The union of software and technology of robot of this system support, automation technology detects electric car discard as useless the healthy state of batteries of the single block in batteries.

This project since begin to carry out since May 2021, by England innovation orgnaization Innovate UK provides partial fund. This project involves 4 companies and research organization, include battery among them store can systematic solution provides Aceleron company, the system that this company designs disassembles easily and reuse.

Other participator includes automation examination, safeguard and Innvotek company provides business of process digitlization service the ultrasonic of operating system and equipment of custom-built application software and professional knowledge is professional manufacturer MEV company, and Buluneier the Buluneier of the university innovates center.

These a few companies show, this kind of archetypal system reduces production batteries place to need the waste of raw material significantly likely.

Officer of Aceleron company presiding technology holds associated author Carlton Cummins concurrently to express, when the working life of electric car batteries ends, the memory capacity of batteries of half the number normally still prep above 80% , this may make they are in fixed store can the service life of the domain achieves 10 years or longer.

The presiding apparitor Matthew Lumsden of company of Connected Energy of provider of 2 batteries solution is in those who accept industry media to interview recently express, of 25% degrade batteries still can store energy of 10 years.

Cummins complement says: "As us more and more electric power provide power for the job and life, batteries waste is a serious problem, this system saves those to be met originally likely cast off batteries. Predict to 2035 the supply of lithium will appear shortage, this system can ensure our utmost favourable geographical position uses the raw material that is used at making batteries product. "

In recent years, mix as electric car store can the development of the industry, the use amount of lithium ion batteries shows exponential level growth, 2 times lithium ion batteries reclaims and use a problem to already made the central point that people pays close attention to. Bax&The innovation adviser Piotr Grudzie of Company company offerred plan of a 4 paces in an article, batteries reclaims and use efficiency in order to raise Europe 2 times. The batteries that the United States started a 335 million dollar a few days ago reclaims project.

Dynamoelectric Motor Corporation is beginning increasingly to cooperate with provider of 2 batteries solution, the battery that eliminates them is used at afresh store can system, but compare with market dimensions photograph, the dimensions of these collaboration and popularize degree very small.

Using batteries compose 2 times to build batteries store can when the system, a main challenge is the consistency that batteries may lack a design, degrade degree differs somewhat with use time. Lumsden expresses, a when Connected Energy company uses " secret weapon " it is complex batteries management system (BMS) , it manages these effectively correspond between batteries, and ensure batteries store can unit agreeing as far as possible also is to ensure store can the one part with systematic essential performance.

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