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Contact: Jack Christie

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Anesco Was Founded In 2010 To Offer Services For The Entire Lifecycle Of Solar And Storage Assets Including Battery Energy Storage Optimization.



Contact: Daniel Moore-Oats

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Arenko's Nimbus Platform Is A Product Ecosystem That Maximizes Portfolio Performance At Scale. Arenko's Modular Products Are Founded On 7 Years+ Of Experience Controlling Assets And Provide Proven Technology That Can Standardize, control, dispatch, and Optimize Energy Storage Assets. These Products Are Built With A Philosophy Of Openness And Extensibility At Their Core So That Our Customers Can Master Their Own Innovation. Whether Via Access To Our Trusted Pool Of Third-party Developers Or Through Personal Usage Of The Product APIs, our Customers Have The Freedom Of Choice



Contact: Leon Pulman

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Centrica Provides Advanced, data-driven Trading Strategies Across Wholesale&Ancillary Services To Optimize Revenues For All Asset Classes

Conrad Energy


Contact: Dave Wilkerson

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Conrad Energy Is The Leading Owner&Operator Of Flexible Assets In Great Britain. Using Our Proprietary VISION Algorithmic Trading Software, we Offer Third Parties Access To Our Intimate Knowledge Of All The Traded And Ancillary Markets. We Have A Highly Flexible Approach To PPA Contracting, and A Dedicated Customer Service Team, and Would Love To Add Your Asset To Our Portfolio.




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Dare Is An Energy Technology Company That Harnesses Trading Expertise And Proprietary Technology To Trade Energy And Optimize Battery Assets. Our Traders ' Deep Expertise In The World ' S Energy Markets, combined With Our Market-leading Decision-tools Technology, allows Dare To Maximize Battery Assets Revenues.



Contact: Fabrizio Fenu

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EDF Is The Largest Aggregator Of Distributed Flexible Assets In Europe, with A Significant Presence In The UK, france, germany, and Belgium. We Are Committed To The Long-term Future Of Energy Storage Systems And The Critical Role They Play In The Energy Transition.



Contact: Rebekah Brown

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ENGIE Is Leading The Way In The Energy Transition And Is Committed To Supporting The Growth Of Battery Energy Storage Across The UK. We Own And Optimize The UK ' S Largest Existing Pumped Hydro Storage Assets.

Enspired Trading


Contact: Guy Holding

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Short-term Power Storage Is A Game-changer For Our Electricity Supply. The Ability To Shift Power Consumption And Generation In Time Requires Us To Think Differently About Optimizing Energy Flows. At Enspired, we Developed Our Very Own Algorithms For This, enhanced With The Capabilities Of The Latest AI Technology, which We Deploy In Fully Automated Intraday Trading For Your Benefit.



Contact: Simon Freitag

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Entrix Acts As A Route-to-market For Grid-scale Battery Storage, currently Focusing On The UK And Germany. They Use AI-based Algorithms To Maximize Returns Over The Asset ' S Lifetime And Across All Relevant Revenue Streams. Entrix Is Working On Co-located Storage Projects And The Optimization Of Entire Distributed Asset Portfolios.



Contact: Andrew Langlands

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Flexitricity Operates The First And Most Advanced Flexible Energy Portfolio In Great Britain. Flexitricity Is A Licensed Energy Supplier And Has The In-house Capability To Deliver All Aspects Of A BESS Project ' S Optimization, from Balancing Services, trade Execution, and Capacity Market Management Through To Accurate Settlement. Our Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms, shift Trading Team And 24/7/365 Staffed Operations Desk Work Hand In Hand To Deliver Optimal Performance Within Warranty And State Of Health Parameters.



Contact: Chris Smith

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Using Market-leading Artificial Intelligence And Data Science, gridBeyond ' S Technology Platform Optimizes Storage Assets, co-located Projects, and Industrial Load. Combining Solvers, market Access, and Automated Trading To Empower Energy Storage Operators And Owners To Maximize Revenues And Savings.



Contact: Ralph Johnson

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Cleantech Meets Advanced Energy Trading. Habitat Helps Clients Achieve The Full Potential Of Energy Storage. We Combine The Latest Techniques In Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence With Deep Knowledge Of The Market, battery Storage, and Renewable Energy Assets. With Our Route To Market And Optimization Services, we Transact The Right Quantity Of Power At The Right Time In The Right Marketplace.



Contact: Emma James

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Limejump, part Of The Shell Group, provides An End-to-end Battery Optimization Offering That Can Be Tailored To The Needs Of Each And Every Customer, from Project Inception All The Way Through To Optimization And Asset Maintenance - With An Experienced Engineering Team On Hand To Assist Asset Owners In Navigating The UK's Complex Energy Market.

Open Energi


Contact: David Teare

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Open Energi Is A Market-leading Asset Optimization Specialist. In Partnership With Bp, our Grid-scale Battery Service Combines Our Automated Optimization And Warranty Management Platform With Bp ' S Trading And Route-to-market Experience To Consistently Deliver Market-beating Returns For Our Partners.

Smartest Energy


Contact: Vishnu Aggarwal

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SmartestEnergy Is A People-powered Energy Company, inspiring A Greener Generation. With Our Flexibility-backed Business Model And Our Vision Of A 100% Renewable Future, we Help Customers, asset Owners, and Partners Through The Complex Energy Transition Towards Net Zero.



Contact: Toon Van De Plas

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Independent Energy Trader That Provides Market-leading Offtake, trading, and Optimization Services To Third-party Energy Assets Including Battery Energy Storage Assets, gas Peakers, and Renewable Generation.



Contact: Phil Jeffrey

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SSE Is A Leading Asset Optimizer With Extensive Market Experience. We Have Significant BESS Optimization Know-how And Offer A Full Array Of Market-leading Route-to-market Services.



Contact: Brian Lonn

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Statkraft Is A Leading Optimizer Across UK&Ireland, and Manages One Of The Largest Portfolios Of Flexible Assets. We Pride Ourselves On Providing Superior Returns For Asset Owners Across All Available Markets, forming Close Collaborative Relationships, and Leveraging Our Long-standing Experience In Short-term Power Trading And Risk Management.


Modo Energy

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