General motors rolls out Ultium Home and Ultium Commercialenergy Storage System - store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: The energy demand that the ecosystem of new energy resources of general motors will make the client can control them helps the effect that reduces power cut

GM Energy will be comprised by Ultium Home, Ultium Commercial and Ultium Charge 360, enlarge business opportunity, include energy government service and promote core car product the growth besides combination

The solution of GM Energy aims to be offerred for the client more without seam and compositive energy management, help raise electrified wire netting stretch

More and more large companies had signed the United States to pass the product of GM Energy and service combination to receive solution of the sources of energy about, pass the sources of energy with GM collaboration ecosystem is pilot expand with development product

Detroit -- general motors announces to roll out Ultium Home and Ultium Commercial today, they and photograph of existing Ultium Charge 360 are united in wedlock, founded the integral ecosystem of Wu of kimono of product of an energy management, will manage by a new business section that the name is GM Energy.

The interconnection product of GM Energy and service product aim to be family, commerce and electric car client to provide the government of the sources of energy that has cohesive affinity, the solution includes two-way charge, the car arrives door (V2H) and car arrive electrified wire netting (V2G) application, arrive fixed store can, cell of fuel of solution of tool of process of solar energy product, software application, cloud government, small electrified wire netting, hydrogen. The service of GM Energy still will make the sources of energy of electric car and stationary accumulator can sell a public utility during height, high-energy bad news, release more and potential value for the client and increase the flexibility of electrified wire netting.

"It is so important now that the dependability of American electrified wire netting never resembles, " vice-president of operation of electric car growth pulls general motors especially Weisihesite says. "Organic meeting help provides general the sources of energy conduce to those who reduce power influence can last product of the sources of energy and service provide flexibility for the client and the government of the sources of energy that has cost effectiveness. "

The central interface of GM Energy solution serves the sources of energy that is GM the cloud, it will include data and energy government tool, do not have client and residence, motorcade and commercial energy assets seam join. The sources of energy that client aux will be able to passes general motors quite manages their the sources of energy effectively to use up. General motors had been electric car client to register through energy service cloud mandatory charge plan, in the United States 4 cities have many utility company, and still be in grow ceaselessly.

A few of the United States large companies had agreed to cooperate with GM Energy, offer solution of the sources of energy for the client and acquire a product or serve.

The solar energy technology that includes to precede with the United States among them and one of energy service providers the agreement of SunPower. Two companies will be developed jointly and provide system of energy resources of a family for the client, this system will include compositive electric car and batteries solution, solar battery board store with domestic energy resources. A of system of predicting family energy resources main function is the batteries in making the driver can use compatible electric car homeward in power supply, aim to make they can be when power cut be domestic requisite power supply or be in during peak value rate in the energy from memory derive energy second. SunPower also installs the first selection that makes system of domestic energy resources a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, offer the opportunity that installs solar energy in the home for the client. System of domestic energy resources will with 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV retail release offer together,

Another act includes company of general motors energy and Pacific Ocean natural gas and power company (the V2H pilot project between PG&E) , the plan makes residential client can use its compatible electric car and two-way charger, during serving as short-term power cut of basic family demand reserve power source. After checking through preliminary lab, two companies predict V2H the service expands PG&E serves the partial residence client inside the area, predict to will begin 2023.

GM Energy still is mixed with Con Edison, Graniterock New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) other a few companies cooperate, the help offers solution of the sources of energy for the client, the help is informed and also push GM Energy product of future at the same time.

"The mission of GM Energy is to be a client to offer Wu of kimono of product of complete set the sources of energy, include the solution beyond car, quickly to completely dynamoelectric future without seam transfer, " Hester says. "Manage product kimono Wu to combine one of expanding through GM Energy and the most comprehensive the sources of energy as us our company business, we reduce the help can last of the sources of energy enter camp, what quicken electric car further is large-scale use. "

As the one part of GM Energy, what Ultium Charge 360 will continue to expand its are had is compositive and communal fill sth resembling a net of electrified wire netting, compositive shift to apply product of Wu of kimono of program and other product to combine.

General motors vice-president holds Mark Bole of controller of V2X batteries solution concurrently to express: "Memory of the infrastructure of electrified wire netting that the large-scale solution of general motors the sources of energy will make we can answer current range to face better, the sources of energy and energy management are challenged. " " through using the power of the technical platform with agile general motors and Ultium, we can offer flexibility and the solution of the sources of energy that can visit for all clients and electrified wire netting, the help presses completely dynamoelectric tomorrow further. "

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