1.84 yuan / Wh, roc brightness the sources of energy won the bid beforehand first 2022 Energy Storage System purchases an item - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:40 energy storage companies

China store can net dispatch: In recently energy-saving always smooth hot season of 15MW/15MWh of Xin Luxi project store can the system is purchased release win the bid candidate is fair show. Guangzhou roc brightness limited company of energy science and technology with total quoted price 27.36 million yuan, amount to is monovalent 1.82 yuan / Wh, become the first win the bid candidate.

Basis store can be opposite with power market store can the project quotes dog, 2022 first half of the year 1C store can the average quoted price that the system purchases is 1.84 yuan / Wh, roc brightness this quote is close to the sources of energy very much average price.

The data that can inquire publicly shows, this project is roc brightness the sources of energy won the bid first 2022 store can the system is purchased, manufacturer of core of another home appliance is entered store can the system is compositive the competition of business, store can the battle with compositive system will be more and more intense.

This second win the bid quote circumstance expresses place to show as follows.

According to the announcement of invite public bidding of early days, this purpose basically purchases content to be:

Content of goods of invite public bidding and amount: Purchase unifinication of a 15MW/15MWh store can systematic equipment, use dc 1500V store can the system devises plan, store can systematic dc side is rated total capacity not under 15MWh, power not under 15MW, individual store can unit batteries is rated 2.5MWh of total capacity ≥ , individual store can change shed 2.5MW of ≥ of power of engine of step up an organic whole (with store can unit form a complete set) , and bidder is offerred store can system must can be in existing store can area installation is decorated, and net voltage grade is 35kV. Store can the system contains box type store can batteries system, store can change shed system of machine of step up an organic whole, energy management (EMS) etc.

Limits of invite public bidding includes but not unifinication of 15MW/15MWh of be confined to store can the assembly of systematic equipment is compositive carry to the spot, equipment spot is debugged and cooperate project project to always contract the unit undertakes installing debugging, receive stability of security of electrified wire netting finally to move. Protect character period for be passed oneself and 60 months after the net checks (bidder must supply affirmatory book) .

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