NextEra Energy company joins movement in the 230MWbatteryenergy Storage System of California deploy - store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, nextEra Energy company is 230MW batteries in an installed capacity of California city deploy store can system (BESS) opened operation a few days ago, this store can the system also is a large solar energy + store can the one part of the project.

This solar energy + store can project deploy nots in California on the 94 acre land that surpasses heart county, and the California land management board that is in charge of managing this land (BLM) is Desert Sunlight batteries at announcing this tag on August 16 store can the system begins commercial operation.  

Desert Sunlight solar energy + store can of the project look down at graph 

The batteries of this 230MW store can send deploy of electric field form a complete set with the Desert Sunlight solar energy of existing operation, will store this hair electric field arises but second birth the sources of energy, its electric power will satisfy the electric power requirement during peak value.  

Express in the document that California land management board approved this project in November last year, business of development of this company project is the company of subsidiary Sunlight Storage of NextEra Energy Resources.  

NextEra Energy company deals to American negotiable securities the document that committee submits calls this project Sunlight Storage store can establishment, its dimensions is 230MW/920MWh. Batteries store can systematic duration is is this state electric power 4 hours superintendency orgnaization is in California to utility company deploy store can the requirement of the project, this is business of operation of only system of California of business of operation of electrified wire netting (CAISO) ensures the main frame that supplies contented demand, also be batteries store can the main income source of the project.

This solar energy + store can the enlightened operation of the project is a good news to California, because be in during peak value of summertime power demand before arrival, batteries store can systematic deploy puts delay somewhat, and the high risk of silvan fire browbeats possibly also the dependability of electrified wire netting.

Official data makes clear, up to by July, business of operation of California only system (CAISO) has had battery of dimensions of 3334MW electrified wire netting store can the system throws commercial operation.

Still not be clear that whether these numbers include Desert Sunligh battery at present store can system, if include, this will make the batteries of California deploy and operation store can systematic installed capacity is close to 3.6GW. Media of industry of no less than reports in that way, if the 537.5MW/2 of Ameresco company, 150MWh batteries store can the project was not deferred, so the fixed target according to business of operation of electrified wire netting, so this number may have exceeded 4GW to now.

California land management board (the governmental orgnaization that BLM) is confederative land of responsible government United States, it is the crucial branch that approves its to invest the project inside combination. Recently, the large solar energy that this orgnaization near future approves + store can the 500MW project of the item of a 250MW that the project includes company of Revolve Renewable Power and Oberon Solar company.  

This orgnaization still encourages the sources of energy to develop business to build a project on the land that its manage, in Keluoladuo city, Nevada is mixed recently new Mexico released construction solar energy to generate electricity on 90 thousand mus of of the city public land the book of invite public bidding of the project.

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