1.43-1.59 yuan / Wh, the 55MW/110MWhenergy Storage System austral Hua Nengyun purchases a result fair show - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:40 energy storage company

China store can net dispatch: Branch of Yunnan of Hua Nengxin the sources of energy was released recently many store can the system purchases a purpose to win the bid the result is common show, store can total dimensions amounts to 55MW/110MWh.

It is reported this batch in all 4 projects, and other places of distributinging Yu Baoshan, Dali, 550MW of total dimensions of smooth hot season, store can undertake configuration according to the 10%/2 hour of machine of outfit of smooth hot season, it is Yunnan first carrying out new energy resources is configured store can project. Detailed sees: 10%/2 hour, the configuration that project of Yunnan smooth hot season begins dimensions to change store can system.

This store can the system purchases cent to be carried out for two stature projects, among them:

Smooth hot season of agriculture of mouth of guest plain dragon generates electricity project 15MW/30MWh store can systematic equipment purchases an item, chinese China can limited company of academy of technology of group cleanness energy with total prices 47.5 million yuan, amount to is monovalent 1.58 yuan / Wh, become the first win the bid candidate.

40MW/80MWh of electric project of Guang Fufa of Piao of Xi Yidong, cattail, horizontal hill store can systematic equipment purchases an item, jiangsu day closes store can limited company with total prices 114.4 million yuan, amount to is monovalent 1.43 yuan / Wh, become the first win the bid candidate.

The project wins the bid what following watches show the case:

The information of invite public bidding before this shows, store can the interface of the system that offer money is complete set store can systematic place requires equipment reach for goods carry, include store can EMS of system of systematic batteries bunch, energy management, Chu Nengshuang to converter, store can the establishment of form a complete set inside local control unit, container (contain air conditioning, ventilating duct, fan, environment to monitor, distribution, fire control, how to prevent, illume, material, consideration fire prevention is flame retardant at the same time requirement) the choice that waits for equipment and component of the equipment inside the limits that offer money, design, make, offer blueprint data, routine test, for goods, pack, delivery of shipment, spot, directive installation, spot is debugged, cooperate to join a trial, cooperate relevant unit to check and accept etc.

In the responsibility border respect that enrols bidder, file of invite public bidding also undertook making clear limitting: Among them spot equipment hands over an experiment to be in charge of finishing by buyer, bid just undertake assorted. In the project store can come between side of systematic 35kV high pressure and lay, installation. Debugging a respect, bidder should ask to finish according to electrified wire netting store can the system debugs the job; Bidder should ask according to local government sector, cooperate person of invite public bidding to finish fire control to check and accept wait for the job, check and accept charge to be in charge of by person of invite public bidding.

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