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China store can net dispatch: Be located in California city to not the Tranquility solar energy of 205MW of Lei Sinuo county sends electric field since be in all the time since 2016 operation. 2021, this solar energy sends deploy of electric field form a complete set two batteries store can system (BESS) , total dimensions is 72 MW/288MWh, alleviate in order to help its generate electricity intermittence problem, the whole that raises solar energy to send electric field generates electricity efficiency.

And the solar energy that is operation sends batteries of deploy of electric field form a complete set store can system, need reconsiders should sending the control mechanism of electric field, while because be in,management sends electric field with moving solar energy, still must integrated batteries store can the system charges / the inverter of discharge, its parameter needs to observe trader of operation of California only system (CAISO) the strict regulation with the agreement that buy electricity.

This is very complex to the requirement of controller. Controller offers independence and inflict of aggregate operation arrange to reach to generating electricity the control ability of asset. Its ask to include:  

·Generate electricity solar energy establishment and batteries store can the system undertakes administrative as asset of sole the sources of energy respectively, use at energy move and business of operation of California only system (CAISO) and bear buy business to attemper purpose.  

·Prevent solar energy to generate electricity establishment and batteries store can assorted output of the system exceeds and the power capacity of the net, damage possibly the transformer in transformer substation.  

·Administrative solar energy generates electricity the problem abandoning report of establishment, so that first consideration is store the system charges and can not be to cut solar energy electricenergy production.

·Will store can system and the electric appearance that solar energy sends electric field undertake conformity.  

Connecting general reason condition to fall, such systematic configuration needs the many controller that are based on hardware, the long-range terminal that these controller rely on alone process designing is unit (RTU) may controller of process designing logic (PLC) . Ensuring a such complex systems that form by individual unit move effectively is an enormous challenge, need a large number of resource to optimize and remove trouble.  

Under photograph comparing, in the controller that is based on control group software to, concentration controls whole site is a kind more accurate, can expand and efficient solution. This is solar energy generates electricity establishment is possessory installing but second birth generates electricity establishment controller (what choose when PPC) .  

Solar energy generates electricity establishment controller (PPC) can offer synchronism and harmonious control. This ensured interrelate electric current of dot and every transformer substation and voltage satisfy all operation requirement, maintain the technology in power system to limit scope inside.  

A kind of method that achieves this one goal is to control solar energy actively to generate electricity establishment and batteries store can output power of the system, in order to ensure its output power the rating under transformer. The feedback that uses 100 millisecond controls loop to undertake scanning, but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment controller (PPC) still sends real power set point batteries management system (EMS) and solar energy generate electricity in the SCADA management system of establishment. If batteries store can the system is asked to discharge, and put n general bring about the rating that exceeds transformer, controller perhaps reduces solar energy electricenergy production to let batteries again store can systematic discharge; Or will, restrict batteries store can systematic discharge, make batteries store can system and solar energy generate electricity the total discharge of establishment measures the rating under transformer.  

Controller according to the client's business first step undertakes own and decision-making, this is one of a few optimizes functional implementation benefit that carry controller. Controller uses the range that forecasts analysis and artificial intelligence technology to be being superintended and buy electric agreement inside, according to the client most golden eggs make in real time decision-making, is not a lock decide specific in a day time charge / in discharge mode.

Solar energy + store can method of project use software will solve with management solar energy of public utility dimensions generates electricity establishment and batteries store can the complex issue related the system. The solution that was based on hardware in the past cannot with mix now in speed, precision the artificial intelligence with efficiency respect excellent performance assists technical photograph to rival. Be based on software but second birth generates electricity establishment controller (PPC) offerred to be able to expand, the solution that faces future, the complexity that introduces for market of 21 centuries energy has made preparation.  

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