100MW/200MWh! NHOA company is in on the west Batteryenergy Storage System - of Australian city deploy store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:40 energy storage system company

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, electric car and store can develop business NHOA company to begin to be in the cell of a 100MW/200MWh that Australian city deploy uses cell of lithium of phosphoric acid iron on the west store can system.  

Australian state government expressed on August 5 on the west, NHOA company already deploy its 600 store first can unit store can unit, the deploy job of the others unit will need two months time to finish.

The batteries that NHOA company is Synergy company deploy store can graph of systematic apply colours to a drawing 

Business of Australian energy production and shopkeeper Synergy company looked this in October last year project, purchase and construction (EPC) contract grants NHOA the company, synergy company also is engaged in wholesale the sources of energy trading. This project is in deploy the Kwinana area of Po Si Yina.  

According to a press release that NHOA company issues, this batteries store can the system will be participated in but move of power of second birth the sources of energy, memory is superfluous solar energy electricenergy production, mix later on afternoon discharge during dusk peak value. This store can the project will come 5 years to be in of deploy other and large store can the project is offerred draw lessons from and consult.  

As what announced this year in June 3.8 billion bay yuan (2.6 billion dollar) but infrastructure of second birth energy is package the one part of the plan, australian state government plans disposition on the west 1, 100MW store can project.  

Australian bey Mark McGowan says on the west: "NHOA company is in Po this establish area headquarters, we thank them to be opposite Australian accredit is mixed on the west investment. I visited their headquarters recently, thanks to their support. "

Bill Johnston of minister of Australian state energy complements on the west say, "Use cell of iron of lithium ion phosphoric acid store can the system covers an area of an area to have volume of a half football ground about, will receive electrified wire netting repeatedly. Synergy company still will install system of batteries management software, in order to optimize its function and life. "

This is since some earlier this year Australian city is in moment on the west carry out a series of store can in deploy measure a newest store can project.  

Recently, american EPC develops business to begin to build a 400MW/4 in start working of Kun Shilan city, harbour of 000MWh pump water can generate electricity the batteries of a 200MW/200MWh of establishment and form a complete set store can project, meanwhile, the deploy of spot of power plant of a coal fired that in Xin Nawei Er person city retires a 500MW/1, 000MWh batteries store can fasten all plan to also win approval.

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