Predict to 2031 Energy Storage System of deploy of American accumulative total will amount to 600GWh - store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 16:42 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: A whole world that company of survey orgnaization Wood Mackenzie releases recently store in can looking into a report, approve piece, the United States is the whole world at present store can the leader of the market, predict 2031 of accumulative total deploy store can the system will achieve 600GWh. Predict 2031, at the appointed time the United States will be become year all deploy 27GW store can of the system store can the market.  

Because American Department of Commerce starts the investigation that dumping of component of smooth to southeast Asia area hot season complains, from this year the 2nd quarter begins, of the United States store can deploy growth puts delay. Wood Mackenzie company predicts, the United States today bright two years store can demand will drop about 1/3, because so many store can project and large solar energy generate electricity establishment in all location deploy.  

Wood Mackenzie company analyses personnel to express, the United States and China will take the whole world store can 75% of demand. Predicting China is in future store can deploy quantity is next to the United States, rank the whole world the 2nd, predict 2031 deploy 422GWh store can system.  

What Wood Mackenzie company released on July 28 is newest store the summary in can looking into a report says, of predicting United States and Chinese system store can systematic installed capacity will continue 10 years to climb in future litre, and as dimensions of American electrified wire netting but the market development of second birth the sources of energy tends stable, of Europe store can deploy grows relatively slow. Wood Mackenzie company goes to Europe 2031 accumulative total deploy store can total Chu Nengrong of the system measures forecast a value to reduce 159GWh.  

This store can look into a report to conclude, this brings about the whole world store can deploy puts delay, predict to total 2031 deploy the quantity will achieve 500GW/1396GWh.

Whole world of Wood Mackenzie company store can be in charge of Dan Shreve to express, "Because superintend an obstacle to fail to improve store can the economic feasibility of the project, and because enter the chance of power market finite and auction of devoid capacity market, europe store can the growth stagnation of the market not before. And of the United States and China store can deploy will continue to increase. "

Shreve goes out in an email middle finger, the national policy with the United States is similar, china was carried out accelerate store can the national policy of deploy, the target is to 2025 deploy store can systematic installed capacity raises 30GW above.

However, department of Commerce of United States of application of business of development of solar energy of a California is right the component of smooth hot season that imports from southeast Asia is collected instead dumping and oppose allowance tax, because they include the package of smooth hot season that China produces, this brings about the United States store can the industry is hit. Wood Mackenzie company predicts this year store can deploy demand will drop 34% , will drop to 2023 27% .  

Store can deploy is generated electricity by large solar energy the influence that establishment deploy puts delay, because a lot of solar energy generate electricity establishment with batteries store can deploy of systematic form a complete set. Shreve expresses, made an appointment with the solar energy of dimensions of mixture deploy electrified wire netting of 35% 2022 + store can the installation of the project is deferred.  

Say according to Shreve, the market of the 2nd quarter of predicting United States adds dimensions newly to be 11GW /39GWh.  

To 2026, california city and Texas will hold the United States store can the half left and right sides of the market. Shreve complement says, "To 2026, city of Nevada, Arizona and new York city are in store can before deploy respect ranks the United States 5, those who predict to will take the market 2026 15% the left and right sides. "

Although Europe store can the market is small fan, but Germany is the world the 3rd big store can the market. Wood Mackenzie company is forecasted, to 2030, europe store can the volume will rise the total Chu Nengrong of the market 32GWh, among them 61% come from residential domain.  

Crucial growth engine is Germany implements paschal package plan, the target is to 2030 but second birth the sources of energy supplies medium portion to achieve in electric power 80% . Shreve explanation says, batteries store can system and solar energy generate electricity deploy of establishment form a complete set, can alleviate excessive the condition that cuts solar energy electricenergy production.

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