Exceeded 13.4GWh in June 2022 store can open sealed tenders! Base price of Energy Storage System 1.41 yuan / Wh - store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: In June 2022, share 37 store project open sealed tenders, can total dimensions makes an appointment with 13.4GWh. From the point of district, 43 distribution of item wait for 9 provinces area at Shanxi, Ningxia, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Gansu Province, Henan. Among them Ningxia store can the project purchases dimensions the biggest, add up to 3 store can project total scope exceeds 500MW/1800MWh. Amount of project of the Gansu Province is maximum, add up to 7 store can project, total dimensions 157MW/314MWh.

From the point of project application setting, include 4 wind among them store, 8 light store, add up to store can dimensions 191MW/394MWh, new energy resources matchs store can occupy than 2.9% . In addition still 7 are shared store can project, total dimensions amounts to 1141MW/3082MWh, occupy than 23.3% , became store can market main force. The new moon city on the west shares its Zhongshan store can the city zone of project, new moon is shared store can project scale is the largest, amount to 400MW/800MWh.

From the point of main body of invite public bidding, china can, big the Tang Dynasty, Hua Run, medium wide nucleus, China report, state report is cast, the center look forward to such as national electrified wire netting holds main position as before, although content of project place, invite public bidding and application have each,differ, but can see, store can the project is in of in an orderly way undertake. Its China can be successive number of two months invite public bidding is maximum, purchase 5 times occupy than 13% . Besides, the communication business such as iron tower, shift also joins the rank that enrol business. Among them project of invite public bidding of Chinese iron tower involves scale the biggest, market of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron collects dimensions to exceed 5GWh.

From participate in bid the company will look, share 61 domestic companies to participate in bid, chinese report is built, report of national electrified wire netting, state is cast wait for many center look forward to to hold dominant position as before, chinese report is built as electric as Xu Ji equal, participate in 7 times early or late bid.


From store can EPC bids look in the enterprise, because Shanxi saves 400MW/800MWh of the city zone of the first day of the lunar month of city of new moon state to share store can project scale is the largest, cause 3 combine to become the biggest player. Xu Ji is electric become June store can on EPC market " activist " , participate in successfully bid 5 times, all be new energy resources matchs store can project, target market Gansu Province, Henan two ground, store can dimensions amounts to 47MW/94MWh.

From store can in light of the price, according to Polaris store can the net is not complete statistic, in June 2022 store can EPC always contracts dimensions exceeds 756MW/1524MWh, bid quote is in 1.47 yuan / Wh goes to 2.9 yuan / between Wh.

Lowest quotes for Jin Feng low carbon the sources of energy designs an academy (Chengdu) 1.47 yuan of limited company / Wh, participation project is 75MW /150MWh of city of Shanxi new moon is shared store can project EPC always contracts project.

The city zone of new moon of its China new moon is shared store can in project EPC invite public bidding, shanxi 2 build limited company of group limited company, designing institute of Chinese electron project (combine) bid quote 2.9 yuan / Wh, was June foregone and top quoted price. Still have in relief county of firm of city of Inner Mongolia Baotou in addition report of wind of 400 thousand kilowatt matchs store price of project open sealed tenders exceeds 2.5 yuan / Wh, the others store can project EPC bids all valence is 1.75 yuan / Wh, relatively 1.64 yuan of last month / Wh rose 6.8% .

Store can system

Released 6 times in all June store can systematic invite public bidding, share 7 domestic companies to participate in bid, among them in wide nucleus released invite public bidding 2 times, store can dimensions amounts to 1GW/1.9GWh, the in pairs such as culmination science and technology, Biyadi is participated in in wide nucleus athletics of two big invite public bidding, become the biggest win the home.

From June store can of the system bid quote will look, whole is in 1.36 yuan / Wh goes to 1.51 yuan / between Wh, average store can bid the price is 1.41 yuan / Wh.

Among them store can 1.36 yuan when systematic minimum quoted price is culmination science and technology / Wh, come from Yu Zhongan nucleus battery of lithium of iron of 2022 year phosphoric acid store can systematic frame is purchased.

Top quoted price appears in the slope in Hua Nengxiong 20MWh of project of Guang Fufa cable store can systematic equipment is purchased, tianjin luck source is electric bid quote 1.51 yuan / Wh.

June store can the system purchases total dimensions to exceed 1025MW/1950MWh, bid all valence is 1.41 yuan / Wh, relatively bid last month all valence 1.51 yuan / Wh drops 7% .

Store can batteries

Telecommunication of Chinese iron tower, China, China is mobile 3 times large-scale battery market selects 3 big groups the issuance of the result also is become enrolled in June bid the one large window in the market, involve batteries dimensions to amount to 6.59GWh. Because purchase dimensions big, in attracting a large number of enterprises to participate in its, and caused intense price compete. At present 3 projects had been locked up decided supplier of pool of 10 home appliance, bid monovalent interval is 0.397 yuan / Wh~0.538 yuan / Wh, predict this to purchase total amount to exceed 3.195 billion yuan.

Among them double ascend place of batteries of group, manage person to occupy bid portion is the largest become batteries of acid of lead of 3 big groups to purchase main player!

Additional, 1 still is included in invite public bidding in June store can change shed cabin of step up an organic whole to purchase, involve dimensions 100MW, target lock is decided on can electric, Xu Ji data of electric, division China 3, bid unit price is in 0.27 yuan / W~0.3 yuan / between W.

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