The implementation of ability of Energy Storage System that England goes to to needed deploy 50GW above 2050 is clean 0 targets - store can innovate power project - China store can net

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China store can net dispatch: Released a few days ago according to company of National Grid of business of operation of British electrified wire netting " scene of prospective the sources of energy reports " , below good case, england needs deploy 50GW above to 2050 store can systematic ability implementation is clean 0 targets.

National Grid company can issue a such findings report every year, to 2050 overview England 4 kinds of prospective the sources of energy differ setting, include place of every kinds of setting to need deploy store can systematic installed capacity (cover all store can technology, include battery store can harbour of system, pump water can, air is compressed store can the) such as the system.  

Setting of 4 kinds of different prospective the sources of energy and store can deploy

Be in " insufficient " below setting, did not come true namely clean below the circumstance of 0 targets, england will have only to 2050 about 22GW/60GWh store can system.  

Although " power system transition " and " consumer transition " setting came true clean 0 discharge, but " consumer transition " setting involves taller society to change, if electrification heating, consumer is willing,change the flexibility of behavior, high-energy effect and demand end. To 2050, be in " power system transition " in setting, england needs deploy 32GW/115GWh store can system, "Consumer transition " deploy 40GW/165GWh needs about in setting store can system.  

In " lead tide " in setting (namely optimal circumstance) , of 50GW of British general deploy store can system, total Chu Nengrong does not measure 200GWh.  

To 2030/2050 year, "Consumer transition " setting bottom office is different type store can following plan institute show systematic installed capacity.  

Store can the function that the system is providing flexibility field

Current, the great majority flexibility that British power system provides serves (close 18TWh of add up to) come from natural gas. Up to by 2021, the pump water harbour that is not asset of natural gas flexibility to include 25.8GWh can generate electricity the batteries of establishment and 1.6GWh store can system.  

As England more and more electric power come from those who depend on intermittence to generate electricity but second birth the sources of energy, because this is below all circumstances, store can systematic installed capacity will increase, can satisfy peak value requirement reliably in order to ensure.

The report points out, store can the system is as follows in the main effect that provides flexibility field, needs duration is as follows:

? Management is supplied and of demand seasonal difference (duration) of 4 hours of above.  

? Manage supply of a few days superfluous or in short supply (longer duration)

? The supply with daily balance and demand change (longer duration) 

? Outside be a plan, stop machine / forecast wrong obligate (shorter duration) 

? Real time maneuverability (duration is shorter) 

National Grid company predicts, to 2050, batteries store can the system will hold deploy in all setting store can the largest portion of installed capacity, change the electric power requirement inside a day in order to help, it is during peak value when congest of administrative live wire entanglement.  

But measure with respect to Chu Nengrong (GWh) , pump water harbour can generate electricity establishment still takes dominant place probably. This report predicts, to 2030, this one word will increase 65GWh, arrive to will increase 84GWh 2050.  

Basis " lead tide " in setting, to 2030 batteries store can systematic installed capacity will increase 20GW, arrive to will increase 35GW 2050. This report says, to 2050, average duration is less than batteries of 4 hours store can the system will achieve 35GW.  

To be not batteries store can technology, what need 11 ~ 56TWh possibly to 2050 is large-scale cross season store can system. But, this amount depends on green is hydric, hydric store can mix of assets of other and agile energy roll out.  

The report says, as a result of market drive element, in the near future batteries store can average duration of the system may from increase 4 hours above to two hours.

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