To achieve decarbonization goal! Florida electric power and lighting company plan increase 50GW above Batteryenergy Storage System - store can resource evaluates a system - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 17:08 energy storage company

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, nextEra Energy company announced its new decarbonization strategy a few days ago, its name is " 0 carbon blue print " , include to using carbon to discharge all limits in its operation is being eliminated below compensatory circumstance 2045 among them 1 with limits 12 discharge.  

NextEra Energy company shows in a statement, to come true " 0 carbon blue print " target, need is in wind energy, solar energy, batteries store can system, nuclear energy, green is hydric and other but field of second birth energy has major investment, this company says this is its the carbon with the most ambitious throughout history reduces a goal.

The Manatee of the 409MW/900MWh that Florida electric power and lighting company are building store can center. This store can the center is in line operation goes up before a few months.

However, this company shows, true clean 0 targets depend on relative to at substitute character, the client won't raise cost, the support of the technical progress that and its got hard has cost effectiveness and constructive governmental policy and incentive measure, although presiding apparitor expresses its predecessor, it is not important that policy support of the government achieves a goal to this company, for example " it is better to rebuild " act.  

Every 5 years of this company set one temporarily milepost, in order to support implementation true 0 discharge, plan to realized the carbon of 70% to reduce a rate 2025, the acceptance before prep above. To 2030, this one scale will rise to 82% , arrive to will rise to 87% 2035, arrive to will rise to 94% 2040, come true till 2045 clean 0 targets.

NextEra Energy company still shows, besides implementation its interior is clean besides 0 targets, 0 carbon blue print will be sought through investment but second birth can boxing technology and be aimed at the decarbonization with American more extensive economy, realize more decarbonization in order to help electric power department.  

The subsidiary Florida electric power that the substantial of this strategy will be in NextEra Energy company and lighting company (FPL) consign, florida electric power and lighting company (FPL) is the power company with American the biggest dimensions, for this city many 1200 dweller provides a service.  

Florida electric power and lighting company (the target of FPL) is to be accelerated significantly generate electricity structural transition, realize 36% decarbonization to 2025, achieve to 2030 52% , achieve to 2035 62% , achieve to 2040 83% , realize the decarbonization of 100% to 2045. Accordingly, this company plan generates electricity through increasing solar energy in great quantities establishment and batteries store can the system will achieve this one goal.  

Current, florida electric power and lighting company (the solar energy electricenergy production of FPL) is close to 4GW, hope of NextEra Energy company adds this one word 90GW to 2045. Florida electric power and lighting company (FPL) is being sought for its electrified wire netting increases 50GW above cell store can system, the 500MW with far current outclass.

In addition, nextEra Energy company shows, nuclear report still has more development spaces, and at present the natural gas of 16GW generates electricity establishment is used will by green hydric place is replaced, this one process won't bring about any generating electricity asset is hard and fast, and this company is dedicated to becoming green the leader of hydric production.